Nowstory Pt 1 “Time”

Dear family, I greet you all with grace glory and hope, Grace is the experience I humbly share with you, Glory in the direction I would like to enlighten you in, and Hope in that forever the truth will stand strong.

Day-to-day I continue to look into each aspect of our general disposition in life. On the things that I am unfamiliar with I try to understand, and on the things that are familiar to me I try to understand even further. We must learn to double-check on the familiar in order to be able to shed undeniable wisdom whenever we speak on a subject. research is crucial for our growth, first hand experience is even more important, and even though one individual may come at you with a life lesson, it is important for us never to accept the information through belief but only through our own privet study of the particular lesson, this is sound right reasoning, as someone else’s half truth passed on to you may make you live a lie. take everything you read or hear with a pinch of salt family.

One aspect of disposition we seem to be stuck in is the precept of time. Now here is a question, many of us do not know what time is meant to be, or whether or not it really exists, and if time does exist should we perceive time in a different way in order for us to synchronise better with our true nature?. I pose this question because it seems to me that the closer we are to the commandments of time the further apart we become from nature. We can see that in everything we term as “great” encompasses the perceptive principles of timelessness, we can find this principals within the family of Architecture, Art, Music etcetera, but why do we say this?.

In so-called modern civilisation we use the numbers within the clock to tell us when to begin something and when to end something. may this be classified as human beings tampering with a universal order?. Who has ever heard of the phrase… “Time is money and money is time”?, We are set in this vicious circle where we need to be on time to get paid so we can pay our bills on time. Every institution is governed by money and time, So what state of mind has this put us in? Rush, impatience, intolerance, which leads us into frustration and anger which ultimately becomes destruction and death, remember we serve “time” when we are in prison, are we being mentally imprisoned by time?. In this we can identify that time certainly exists in our minds, but was this enforcement of time natural to the universal order or is this something that was man-made?.

remember all along I am speaking in a state of mind that does not look to material things with desire, so we can forget about big house’s and fast cars because those things that we work so hard to get make us live fast and die young. I am thinking of the most optimal way the human mind and body was naturally designed to flourish. Indeed the body and the mind can adopt into different standards of living, but I have yet to see the body and the mind evolve, the natural way of living may be the only way that our minds and bodies will be able to evolve from its current state, instead we seem to devolve as we revolve around the repetition of time.

There must be an alternative way in which we can think of time, as where time is abstract we cannot trace it, and where we can trace it “the clock” we cannot synchronize with it because everything pure comes in variables, from your heartbeat, to the earths revolution around the sun, in fact the very music that harmonises with our psyche is un-clocked..(this is a study I will get into in part 2). The clock only serves for the means of practical indication, if we look closely we may understand that this means of external indication may have made us lose our natural instincts. One may pose that we need the calendar, but maybe if we were keen on meeting particular events then surely practically counting the nights following up to the event would be nothing too arduous, I am sure then most events would certainly cater to be worth attending. but we need a clock?, how would we know the time of day? but do we? maybe if we paid more attention to the skies we would be able to naturally judge any part of now. so what else do you need the clock for, to time your cooking? can we smell when something has cooked? or are we in the living room watching TV and need an alarm to know when your food is ready?, So you need to catch a flight? if we really need to travel 8 thousand miles our reason must be profound, maybe we do not need to take flight on an object to travel long distances, may we tap into something that is within us to make this possible? but as we cannot even build any means of physical transportation we are currently stomped on this. if your body needs an external signal or reminder to act on something then we should automatically know that we are acting against our nature and intern the light we are all born with will burn out on earth quick. remember this every time your alarm wakes you up, every time the recess or church bell rings and when your 9 gets your mind down to 5 everyday.

We should start to live by what is “first” in us, and not “Second” out of us, We can prove that Energy never dies and only changes, and if we perceive the body and the soul to be immortal then why do we measure ourselves according to revolutions earth travels around the sun?, do we know that this measurement changes every year as earth continues to slow down?.

The saying that “age is just a number” is to be taken more seriously than the vague interpretation we use to make us feel young, why do we want to be young when we get to a certain number and when we are children we want to be adults?, what would the world be like if we all had the child like desire to feel greater? this idea is surprisingly revolutionary in accordance to today’s man-made standards, Jimi Hendrix once said that a man should not be measured according to his age but to the amount of miles he has travelled in his mind.. can we come to fathom this idea?. When your physical and spiritual birthday happened only once why do we strife for repetition?, We should be at constant change in progression just like the universe around us.

Should we throw time out to trash? not necessarily, we can utilise it but it is never any means to revolve your world around it, however we should try to aim to live in a natural path of timelessness, If we were not worried about the length on which we have to educate or be educated, hear music or play music, gain enlightenment or enlighten another we would have more life in us then we do now. To become timeless one must first begin to question who’s watch one is running on, and if it is keeping you fully aware and attentive on both realms of existence “the conscious and subconscious. break out of the circle and be free to spiral up in the infinite progression of life.

(part 2 coming soon)

Joy and gladness to all


19 thoughts on “Nowstory Pt 1 “Time”

  1. Wow, i love this post, so what i needed to here right now, i love how you write, what you say really is inspiring. Thank you for another great post. i believe mankind will get there…. in time.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this blog post, Vonj. The concept of time is something I don’t stop to think about often, as I’m caught up in being on someone else’s time. The universal rhythms are eternal, and it makes sense we’d be at our most optimal by aligning to those universal rhythms, rather than our man-made concept of time.

    1. Indeed my friend. Thank you for your message. I will be opening a forum page soon within this site where people can share there stories and philosophies in life, we’d like to include you there. Love, Peace and Justice

  3. Thanks for the reflection and remembering this post engendered. My own viewpoint on time is that on this earth it is part of the fabric of nature, and just as we have done with the rest of nature, we’ve distorted and polluted it.

    The art we call timeless is for me art that grows out of a deep harmony with the rhythms of nature. I think of the timelessness of the redwood tree, the hummingbird’s flight, the sight of mountains or the sea… these beings and infinite more are masters of rhythm, and so their beauty transcends what we think of as “time.”

    When I consult with people who are frantic because they are not spewing out creative brilliance at a computer-like rate, I ask them, if you were having a baby, would you want it born at nine months, or premature? Everyone says, “Nine months.” So there I see some sanity preserved in our relationship to “time.”

    Looking forward to part 2.

  4. V. Alarcón-Córdoba

    I agree with your point that it ‘may. . . be classified as human beings tampering with a universal order.’ The spinning of the earth, the setting of the sun, the movement of the stars across the horizon, maybe those should be our clocks?

  5. Please forgive me. Commenting on this golden tailored piece with my uses of long and confused language, which I custom of will not rate well the likeness and love I have for the too perfect article.

    Just too wonderful a piece of rare quality, If I says , I’m jealousy of such brain and penciled, that put this dawn is the love for the whole story well wrapped a theme.

    I thank the author of this thrillers such that touch and catch the fear of my laziness. Vonj production, this is more than the Grace disposition.

    Thanks you all-in-all , it is sincere.

  6. I like the way you raised all of your points. I totally agree with you and just want to add these lines from a poem I wrote years ago, “If now is all that is, I give you now, to surrender like a stream flowing to the wide sea. If I give you now, it is all I have to give.” Looking forward to part 2.

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