Mind & Soul – Correct intensity


Harmony & Strength family.

A brief update…

correct intensity

(at the moment I am putting my mind & soul at test, there is an album, a documentary and a book in the works, the theme for this will be revealed soon. I see the world in dire straits so there has never been a better time to bring love, beauty and integrity to the masses, I am privileged to be independent and free to do this at this point. this is not a mission for the faint hearted, the research, the studying, travelling, and the studio time for this project is intense, but my passion will never fail, even though some may say and some may think this is “mission impossible”, I am in my realm and in no rush. the mission will be complete for my intent is real sincere)

Even though my time on my websites will be currently minuscule I shall try to respond to comments whenever free space avails.  when the works are done, I’ll be back with some good messages for you family.

meantime I hope you enjoy what has been already published, as always I thank you all for your support.

Love & prosperity to all.





Dignified Friday’s presents: “song of mind”

Love & harmony family,

On my 2nd album INTEGRATION (all in caps for a reason) I released a track titled “Mind” for further emphasis I concluded on this theme on the third album V.N.A. “Song of mind”

I hope you enjoy brothers & sisters..



Dignified Friday presents – Friend

Peace & blessings people,

Today I am presenting the song titled “Friend” off the “Integration” album, this album was recorded a couple of years ago, I seen a lot of separation in the world,  I chose to record an album where each track was to represent unification and integration, an integration of different tones & sounds, integration of  knowledge, an integration of family and friendship.

on the news front, another website will be constructed, the new platform will be used to launch the projects I have been working on in 2015




my new Building “The creative sanctuary”.

more updates coming soon.







Dignified Fridays presents: “Transcend”

I welcome you to another dignified Friday presentation family.

“Transcend” is the song on the scale today, off the INTEGRATION album, please feel free to listen to the audio file, and or the home video I made for YouTube.

I hope you and enjoy as I wish you all a prosperous weekend…

Strength, Love & Harmony people.



Dignified Fridays presents: Akasha

I greet you all in peace, truth, & reciprocity.
Dignified friday’s is a day I made to represent some of the songs I have recorded, in an effort to inspire, bring something new to the people each week. the song I am presenting today was recorded in 2013, called Akasha.

What is AKASHA?

Akasha is Known as the FIFTH ELEMENT, it is the omnipresent spiritual power that permeates the universe. Akasha is the energy out of which the Elements formed (the primal universe power)

feel free to show your support by downloading this song Via

Love is All


Dignified Fridays presents: Song of eternity

Peace, Love, strength, honour, harmony & happiness to all.

I would like to embrace you with this song. “Song of eternity”. coming off the VNA album. for those who don’t know, V.N.A. stands for “Visualising Nature in action”, I hope you enjoy….



Dignified Fridays presents: Song of Freedom

Greetings family

on this day I present. Song of Freedom, This is the only song I have ever wrote, recorded, all instruments and lyrics then mastered in 1 day… 18 hours straight to be exact. this came through by thorough conviction, I hope you enjoy and understand this song.

Love,  Vonj

Dignified Fridays Presents – Satyagraha

Greetings Family.

On this day I would like to present Satyagraha.

Yesterday I posted a written piece for a song I called “Third Person Domicile”.This Satyagraha  song is an alternative rendition.

I hope you enjoy….