A Musician’s Vision

Without vision a multitude of great artists would have never broke through,

1) It is vision that keeps an artist true to themselves and never to being set in the path to selling out,
2) Provides a meaning to strike optimism by making their goals seem profoundly achievable,
3) Vision keeps musicians focused and motivated even when their musical journey seems impossible.

When a musician has vision; the mind and soul is escalated into a state of power where nothing outside of the vision can change the individual, and he or she would never compromise the vision for anything, for vision is from the heart. I believe no matter how big or small ones calling in life is; Vision will always remain critical if one wants to realise any quality of success no matter how one might define success in their career circles. When vision is lost for a moment that’s when other delusional paths step in of which can lead either nowhere or somewhere destructing. You could find yourself selling out to the forces which aim to change you to someone your not. Once vision is lost the system of exploitation will catch up, and will blind you against the reality of one’s true self. Vision will only come to fruition if one is prepared to sacrifice for it.

Perseverance and determination are one of the key values one needs to survive through to realising a vision, and evidently in today’s music industry they’re countless struggles a musician can face, especially if one embodies a vision of which is out of par with how the industry already works, however yet again, staying true to what you believe in will always certify true prosperity, These aspects are what separate true artists from the “fakers” of which unfortunately are the ones who have been flooded in front of our TV screens and radio stations.

If one wants to be a genuine success today it is critical to be wise, it is now too easy to fall into the crooked hands in the industry. Today’s musician must also not only acquire wisdom but courage, determination and perseverance, this is an entity of high competition, high exploitation, low opportunity, and low support. Too many musicians along the journey toward success have been left heartbroken because they made money be an incentive into satisfying certain demands of which full-fill alterer motives I.e. “Record executives”. Industries will never understand that a musician needs the freedom to create and release their works whenever he or she desires, and this is in order for their work to remain of current value to the times.

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