1000 Positive comments on my VP welcome Page, I Thank YOU!

Bringing you love through spirit!

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Peace People,

This is a post for me to show my appreciation for all the positive people who have left feedback on my welcome page & all the other pages on this site.

This is very encouraging for me to know there are people reading, watching & listening to what I am trying to create & promote internationally “love & Unity”. & so this gives me the courage to carry on through against the grain & share things that are authentic & not necessarily the “on topic” trending mainstream, I just try to share my thoughts & experiences that have helped me along my journey.

Vonj Productions will always be here for the benefit of the people. & I will continue to ride in the information along with the music I produce.

& so as we continue to grow in popularity, I will always remain humbled & grounded.

Thank You



Vonj – Ruach. The album is Out Now! 07/07/16

Ruach larger front cover

I am happy to announce to the family that TODAY 07/07/16 “RUACH”..The Anticipated  album is OUT NOW!, Selling Online, & in various stores & vendors internationally!. You can download the full album through our shop on my website www.vonjruach.com

The word Ruach essentially means Spirit!, This has been a guiding theme for us this year, as it has been proven countless times that when you have SPIRIT you can make what seems impossible? Tangible!.

Ruach has been like a seed planted on good soil, & your support will help us grow stronger enabling us to establish greater things in the near future, so remember when you support Ruach? Your not only supporting the music, you are supporting the vision..Love & unity.

Peace from the musical family, Vonj, Mat Diamond, Martin Donovan, Carmine Manfredi, & Garry Millhouse.

We Thank Richard Lamb from Planet Digital Media, for publishing the physical albums to a supreme standard.

& not forgetting the great man behind the camera Paul O’Connor, for making each picture tell a story.

Stay Tuned & stay blessed family!

We Love you all.




Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 8 “Emancipation Song”


These are all expressions that came through my heart. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love; Vonj.

I can’t understand,

How people say they see trouble,

but they don’t do nothing about it,

Can you, can you justify,

How you accept the falsities,

and fall ashamed of what the truth is,

All, all of us now,

trapped in a game that mankind created…

To bring us down.


The day will come,

a revolution will arise,

will you be there,

To sing a song of emancipation.


Peace will never come,

If we focus on material and avoid togetherness now,

Freedom will fade away,

If we keep discriminating judging people like we are god,

Love will never last…

If we keep on hating slating rating wasting one another ,


The day will come,

a revolution will arise,

will you be there,

To sing a song of emancipation.

copyright 2009



Welcome everyone to http://www.vonjproductions.com

This is a space in which I’ll be elaborating on endless topics, mainly on music!
Please feel free to check my pages out and send your feedback and I shall willingly reply to you.

In addition…new material coming very soon.

L.U. (Love and Unity)