The Portrait of Life


Recently I met a painter named Ian Cryer, by show and proof he is one of the best painters out there, and certainly one of the most humble.  Well…I had the privilege of having him paint a portrait of me. At the time I had just come out of a deeply traumatic and life threatening experience (of which I shall share at a latter date), But this painting will always remind me first to appreciate life, as the breath of life itself is a gift, and also that if we keep our spirit close we can overcome any negative happening!.

below is his website, show him some love

Peace & Harmony Family


13 thoughts on “The Portrait of Life

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  2. Great portrait of you Vonj! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope we can bless each other with our gift of blogging! May God continue to bless you and Ian Cryer

    1. Thanks family!..Ian Cryer is his name. A true painter can capture more life than any camera can, why? It is less instant, the feel for the individuals character is gathered within the process of the painting, Great judgement for life is part of the art.

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