Respect Music

Wherever you go you will find music that will satisfy every feeling or need. In spite of all the positive feelings music can induce within a person; some choose to look down on musicians, and take our line of work to be inferior and unimportant in comparison to the circle of the usual formal industries.Many of those type of people point their finger at us, stating that we as musicians are mere dust catchers to the “real world”, existent for “show” and hold no real meaning or use within society, thus we can’t surely be classed as being in a realm of nobility and integrity, those kind of people are making an epic statement without thinking twice of the effect music has in this world since the beginning, have they ever thought how empty life would be if we were all absent from music?

A Time will come that one day those who slander music will open their eyes and ears to the vibrations, and nothing will be heard. They will discover that without music their TVs, and Radio’s will be empty for those entertaining sounds that linger throughout will not be there,
their lives will be dull and bland, as they will never tap their feet or dance again,
when they go out to watch their sporting events with the rest of the multitudes they will never chant and sing songs of festivity and spirit again, On their holidays and celebratory periods they will never cheer merrily, for how do they cheer without song? Without music the flags of all the countries will not be raised, for how can this be done without an anthem? Those people will search high and low for the sound of music; even try to go to the heart of all natures where the forest lies rich with greenery and the flowers bright with all their shades of beauty, but they will only discover the missing link of which without it makes the gardens of God ugly, for no birds will be singing!. The day music becomes extinct Joy and Gladness will perish unto everyone in existence, never doubt me when I say musicians make the world go round!

So I believe that it is important that we all keep music alive in our hearts, and let it be our duty as musicians in the true calling to keep our souls open to inspiration and keep creating music at its best enabling enjoyment positivity and an elevation into people’s lives. It is certainly not false that music in its true form is a healer, However we have yet to look deeper into finding its true definition, simply because like other realms you will always find contradictions of which will mislead many. So I am here to try and help diminish the confusion once and for all.

3 thoughts on “Respect Music

  1. If I am feeling down I listen to the music that lift me up.
    If I need calming down I listen calming music.
    You are right is one very important part of life.
    Musicians of ten do not get the respect they deserve.
    People talk as if artist was a recording while, the guitar gently weeps.

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