Ethics in Music

I feel that it is important for those who want to be involved in any of my projects to be transparent to my philosophy on music, this will hopefully shed some light into who I am and what musical ethics I represent.

In my eyes I consider the art of Music to be one of the most powerful and beautiful forces of communication mankind can ever possess, Powerful because it is the most universally experienced language in the world, Music has connected to every continent, every country, every city, every home, and broken down all the middle fences within all generations. Music is beautiful because of its abstruse roots, and the infinite elements of emotion that can be expressed through it. One can remain intrigued forever about a single note in a melody, But all one really has to do is lay one’s thoughts to rest and enjoy the music.


6 thoughts on “Ethics in Music

  1. I can’t agree more! Music is a transcendent art in many ways. It’s interesting to note how much God appreciates music in the Bible. In one of my favorite books, Psalms, praise is almost always accompanied by music. Some food for thought!

    God bless you bro!

    ~ Peace

    1. Jindotekina, peace and love, this is a good question you ask, without hitting behind the bushes; at the moment it is Joni Mitchell’s rendition of Corinthians 11:13, A song called “love”, Tomorrow may call for different answer. Vonj

    1. I must say thank you for stopping by and taking your time, all these presented expressions are all transparent to my spirit, I feel it is time we started speaking from deeper destinations, the new works are developing well so please stay in tone & tune to muse on the wonders of the future my friend

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