W.  M.pt4

This Part includes the following pieces:

Dawn Awakening / Free Dome / Vine / Satyagraha /Real Condition


Dawn Awakening                                                                                

Copyright 2012 


The world that we live in

Starving hungry fearing

plagued with infernal hatred

lingering in ignorance

when will we ever learn (x3)

To live in harmony

Just find a way

to be yourself 

First Part

Light is where we all should dwell in

our minds should come together

Find a way to make things better

look within yourself you’ll find the answer

Everyday our hearts get colder

Time for thought is getting shorter

as a people we are getting weaker

Now you have a choice but will you choose to wake up 


Rise up x4 

Second Part

Time is here now look no further

Reach your hand help one another

we need to think about the next generation

we need to work together set a good example

everyone on earth has purpose

There’s no need to hurt and suffer

but there’s many traps man set to make you stumble

but together we can over come this struggle 


Rise up (x2) 


You don’t need to “Under Stand”

In anguish we dismay at their home squared school of ignorance

but it is not too late to “Over Stand”

no matter how bad our situation is right-now we can turn things the way they should be.

Free Dome                                                                                                  

Copyright 2012

free dome is a state of mind,

free dome gives you inspiration for new ideas,

 free dome enriches you without taking from another,

 free dome is not an ambition,

 free dome is will power,

free dome gives us a purpose to live,

free dome makes us human,

free dome should not be a privilege it should be our exercise,

free dome should not be something we need to fight for,

 free dome should be our right to live for…


Copyright 2012

First progression

If we all stayed together, stayed together

the world will live on

If we all stayed together, stayed together

the sun will rise 

Second progression

Need the Vine, Need the Vine, Need the Vine

that bares the fruit of love (x2) 

 Third progression

Find a way to get the fruit of love (x3)

Fourth progression

patience now my child

I try to find my

in confusion tell me this is not my way

in spite of no light

no comforting hand no delight

I feel my way

to the prophesied revelations 

Fifth progression

Its a long way home (x3)



Copyright 2012

Fighter why don’t you tell me this?,

do you fight for the world or for your soul,

hunger will always be unsatisfied,

to those who look for happiness in silver and gold, 

seasons come and seasons go and with it change,

but the question is that do we direct and control the change, 

In this place of decadence,

In this house of violence,

In this land of pretence,

we just need to fight for the truth, 

In this environment of detriment,

Find the truth, 

and so to impede what justifies an end to mankind,

don’t forget the lessons left by our ancestors,  

I know somehow deep within that there is no  life without purpose,

The feeling of purpose is defined by the feeling we have deep inside,

of which we may call consciousness,

In experience our lives can lead us into a dungeon of doubt,

to whatever is really the truth,

so we must train our minds never to be dogmatic about anything,

for it is only an OPEN mind that we will find any truth,

Peace and Love to Everyone.

Real Condition                                                                             

Copyright 2012 

First Part

Music Is my focus

Keeping me away from this troubled world

All the sounds and vibrations en lighting me

while all the wars of the world are trying to get to me

so I send a message to you from my heart

through frequencies of peace

and vibrations of love 


If you feel the beat you got to jump

if you feel the groove you got to jump

if you feel the sound you got to love

now lets get this party started 

Second Part

People all I live for

Dreaming of the day I can get to you all

all my expressions manifesting within

without music industry interfering

then together will sing a song

never ending everlasting in joy 


If you feel the beat you got to jump

if you feel the groove you got to jump

if you feel the sound you got to love

now lets get this party started

Break Down

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, (x3)


Now I would like to take this funky opportunity

to bring up the subject of “Reality”,

as real as real can be,

 I will see you over on the other side

Cut the beat

Real Expression Extension 

can real be you can real be me, yes it can, though sometimes we are never really our true selves and try to be someone we are not usually to fit in with a concept or a group. but what we are really doing is escaping from reality, fooling our self thus continuing the process into fooling others. 

So brothers and sisters if you want to be yourselves don’t listen to TV, news papers or magazines,  because they are all machines that all tie together to stop you from becoming yourself. 

real is always an experience no matter how negative or positive we may think it can be, the truth is what was real to you in the past made you who you are today and what is real to you now will determine your future. 

I like the subject of reality because there’s never an argument or debate because reality is self evident, though the problem is that Lies have been told within society for so long that our perception of what is real and what isn’t has been changed,so here is first hand example of reality in first world living………………….. 

I was born in this conveyor belt, Started out watching cartoons….Schooling Institutes…….Hypermarket…, “that makes you hyper”, Universities, then I got into Debt.

“Now the system has got you!”, 

Now you need to work longer hours,

So you can pay your debt, “you got to be a slave” you got to pay your mortgage, “for what?” for the house of your government, how long did it take you to earn the money to buy property? Answer me?. 

What they scared of? Education

What they scared of? Education

What they scared of? Education

What they Scared of



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