Where does music come from?

What separates music from many other entities is that it can only exist through heart’s desire, there’s no other way true music can become existent but through a musicians “consciousness”, the way of receiving music can’t be altered or changed, why change a perfect way?, New music cannot be thought of, the mind simply moulds or arranges what your spirit brings up to surface. The way for music to be vacant first is to understand that no man can create music, one must come off of the ego mentality and come to know that music simply comes through the musician and not from, our power comes when we express it through our instrument with love. if music is from the heart then it will carry no impurity, this would mean that music can’t be misused to fulfil any self-threatening intention, as the heart will never contradict itself, Negative intention surely arises from the delusions of one’s thoughts for it is only in one’s “knowing” that springs truth.

I believe the answer to creating inspirational music is to find quietness within,  I don’t need to abuse my body to free my mind.

I have never induced any drugs apart from the odd headache tablet if that, never even smoked a cigarette, however it so happens that all my favourite musicians have used drugs at some point in their lives, and maybe were likely to have been under the influence of drugs while composing some of my favourite music. Scientists say most drugs stimulate a nerve that intern would suppress certain faculties of the brain while releasing others, which may cause one’s brain to open up more on their imagination which can sometimes be translated into notions of creativity. I have a thesis that some people have a deficiency in freeing creativity NATURALLY and even when they have a new idea they don’t have the confidence to act on it without taking a substance to somehow loosen them up (drugs/alcohol/marijuana/).To me this translates as an issue that is needed to be dealt with, the sad thing is in this case 9 times out of 10 its the musician that is put under so much pressure by the industry and so for a form of escapism they get into drugs, we must never ignore this and this is why those same favourite artists of mine have never lived a long and healthy life.

and by this we have fallen short out of reaching perfection? I can’t help but wonder that maybe if these great artists were helped to overcome their problems and lived healthier and longer lives and transcended above the destructive ways of the world then maybe they might have got to the state of perfection within what they do.

and so I let go of the world, this is how I choose to live my life. And I hope that one day someone will look back at the history books and read a different story about a musician, a story of a musician who had control of his body and intellect and dint need to lose touch with reality through man-made substances to provide him inspiration for his works.

Material substance should never have to interfere or be the far most intention to the creation of music, surely the purest music will not come when the mind is geared in the wrong place.

So I encourage other musicians to get in touch with their inner selves and find true music, one doesn’t need to search too hard to gain music, but the only way a musician can penetrate to inspire someone else is for him or her to create space within his or her mind.

Perhaps we should now ask “Where does your Spirit come from?….

18 thoughts on “Where does music come from?

  1. NewMoonPlan

    It’s like in any industry – companies want to see what brings profit. It’s painful to see all those professionals working on making music by following exact steps because “this is what makes a hit song”. That’s the reason you can’t tell the artists from moderns pop songs apart anymore.

  2. hello thanks for looking at one of my blogs and reading my poetry .I found your blog very interesting i write poetry on my three blogs on here and have started writing some lyrics and have sung twice one at wedding and once at audition for britains got talent last month in portsmouth uk .trying to build my confidence to sing in front of people now and get the nerves out of my voice but found it great experience before going to next lot of bgt auditions in london not sure if i aam ready yet for second attempt but they have suggested i do and said they liked my auidtion but didnt put me through due to slight touch of nerves so it maybe to soon to go again but when your told to your performance is good slight touch of nerves but go practise get a little more confidence your doing well for only second time and re audition again its good positive feed back so thats what i am going to do any how good luck keep up the great work on your blog from kevin in portsmouth uk

    1. Eh Kevin, I hope all is well man? poetry is a good way to get into song writing, if you have that poetic flow then no one can stop you, being active as you are is a positive thing, you get to learn the ropes so to speak, you sound like someone who already knows your strengths and weaknesses, keep on crafting your art, it all starts at home, cause when you practice? the only negativity you will get is from haters, just remember..do not be too eager to put yourself in any event that has something to do with “competition”, they will try to break you according to there politics, this is why 9 times out of 10 they will break your talent merely because your image was not suitable, put it this way; confident people have been sent home and put on the blooper tapes haha, Craft your art and if your good enough people will notice and you will become a happy and successful individual my friend. keep it up. Vonj

      1. Hello dear friend I went had a go at auditions only second time sang in front of people they werent to bad with there reply good performance slight touch nerves go and practise and and come back re audition so for first time in front of professionals i am quite pleased ive since bought a great bought on vocal training and been doing the exercises and practise and putting in about couple hours everyday trying and testing my voice on diffferent songs and its coming on slowly i am enjoying it now its two weeks today to london auditions for britains got talent and re applied and this time i know what to expect so it will be easier for me .thanks for your lovely comment most appreciated i will take on board what you have said.and good luck to you with your work too

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