Greetings People


On this website you will find information that is written in order to elevate and inspire you. 

Vonj is my name, and on this site I have especially put together all my creative works into a readable format, this will not necessarily be my main “media website” however there will be room for links within the site that will point you to my audio visual works.

This is a website aimed to capture my vision and what I am all about, and from here I aim to give to you real information about life, I never want to leave anyone in confusion, I remain transparent in how I communicate my ideas, we can observe that the internet is overloaded with junk information, and it is getting harder and harder to filter through toward concrete truth.


I work with like minded individuals of whom remain thorough researchers meaning that the word “misinformation” will only be used once… and you just read it!

what Is put out on this website will be timeless in truth.

Thus I say welcome in the name of L.U. (Love and Unity) and may your visit to this website be fruitful.


1,101 thoughts on “Greetings People

  1. Samantha

    I really like your perspective on life, keep on sharing your valuable thoughts to the people. been also listening to your music, felt good to hear something soul refreshing. quality work, all the best in your journey. Samantha

  2. Steve

    Hi Vonj, very inspirational website,im impressed, be nice to have you play here in Blackpool, I think you’d go down really well in a few venues, I’ve sent you an email all the best with your projects. Steve

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