The gift against Illiterate sounds

I feel that the gift of music is in our essence, through from “birth”, and no matter how a person grows up, no matter their upbringing; no matter who influences them, that individual will always come to realise His/her gift, and will practice their art for a lifetime once one discovers it. I see music as being truly a great gift of which only few are chosen, however they are many individuals who think they are musicians in spite of being completely outside the realm of a musical callings. It is simple to detect none musicians amongst those who falsely label themselves with that name. Firstly their sound will speak for itself, and note I said “Sound” and not “music”, for I believe there’s no such thing as “bad music”, in definition what is otherwise to music can’t be linked with music, thus what one might label “bad music” I would directly define as “illiterate sounds” (purposely produced false representation of music, an abstruse to every element in music),and I am not talking about “superficial music” there’s a place for this e.g. elevator-music, funfair-music, etc.

“the sound of illiteracy” is certainly not denoting purely from the lack of technical value comprised within what they would call “music”, This is more internal, as the technicalities in the spectrum of physical ability toward an instrument doesn’t always add value toward music, For instance in one hand it is possible for one to have the up most speed and agility toward any instrument; though this will mean nothing if it’s not driven by ones spirit, but on the other hand if the internal values of musical passion and heart are first vacant then the outer physical technicalities one might endure on an instrument will only help music to be conveyed clearly from one heart to another.

The art of music begins in a being through the heart, thus what makes produced sounds “illiterate” must come from another realm of an individual’s motive “The mind”. to this I have seen money to be the main catalyst toward “illiterate sounds”, And the real problem now is that today money doesn’t only talk, apparently money sings too. Driven to the front row of the music industry is the material that has the best potential to make financial profit, and naturally if one perceives anything through the eyes of money one would reckon that anything is good as long as the selling potential is high.

Now in the case of the music industries, if none musical garbage material can sell then let it be, just put a label on the “illiterate sound” and call it “music”. When an individual’s main motive for creating music lies within financial gain that’s the moment music becomes none existent. No true music can ever come by anyone of whose true meaning doesn’t lie within music. Spirit, Passion, and love for music will always be the vital values and principals to the creation of all music, for in the package of “Musical Gift” is where all these contributing elements can be found.

“Musical Gift” is not something that can be achieved through any physical process; this is what makes “Gift” in itself a special thing. Gift will always be natural to the beholder, though sometimes to the point it can be taken for granted by the beholding individual, but whomever knows his or her gift must remain forever appreciative; for this is a great bestowal. One of the indications to true gift will be the amount of enjoyment one will receive through its practice. To gift there will never be over intensified effort or strife with it, one that holds a gift will “Do” and never “Try”, control is what its all about. Gift might sometimes feel like a curse but it is a blessing, Gift is in the faculty of the heart and it’s up to the individual to carry it as far as he or she can in the calling of life. Once one knows His/Her gift in life it is important never to question it, knowing is enough for words can’t ever explain this.

Naturally when situations seem difficult it easy for one to go into contemplation, causing one to wonder if they are truly in the correct paths; Through first hand examples I have seen many musicians go through the crossroads of confusion; naturally when situations in life seem difficult it easy for one to go into contemplation, causing one to wonder if they are truly in the correct paths.

Unfortunately some struggles have made many individuals lose heart and let go of their true calling thus suffering all their lives, However I’ve seen those of whom kept on persevering through with their gift no matter how rough the road got and always came through victoriously to became pioneers in music, this is because they came to the understanding that the actual meaning of their life depended within their gift, and with their gift they could reach out to people and offer them a sense of enjoyment and inspiration. If someone can sacrifice for their “vision” then success will be realised, and sometimes one needs life’s obstacles to remain in the continuum of progress.

I have learnt many times that struggles can be a blessing in disguise and can really make one grow mentally, gaining ones strength in preparation for a higher level of experience, Struggles can also make one confirm whether or not one is in the correct path in calling, simply because it is impossible for one to go through fire for something that isn’t founded in the heart and soul, In a more detailed example; if an individual endeavours in an activity and that particular activity is not meant for them then when the first obstacle arises that individual will be most likely to find themselves in search of another path even without questioning nor reasoning with this decision. The true lesson here is that life will never work for anyone until their true gift is found, and when you find it pursue it, you never know who you might positively impact.

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