Since I was a young child I was taught to walk the straight and narrow path…

In my walks of life I opened my eyes and seen that the more you think you’ve learned within your experiences the more your experiences seem to broaden and intensify in your life. In other words with a free mind you can never stop learning.

Through life I have learned to deal with many situations, the challenge being to turn every situation into something positive, Sometimes we are unable to face reality, and so in my experience I have learned that the most effective way to deal with new experiences whether it be positive or negative is through an artistic implement, most profoundly through the creation of music.

So I consciously started my musical journey at the age of 12, never set a foot into a music school I instead spent many hours in my bedroom each day teaching myself the bass, crafting my own style in the strife to be the best bass player i can be, I then decided to play bass for a few groups and explore the scenes working with different musicians, in situations where I struggled musically I quickly learned to adopt and always overcome any presented hardships, and through this I received a wealth of experience. I see these past experiences as being stepping stones to where I am now. The time came for me to graduate from playing behind other groups and step up to my vision for I knew I had a message to put forth to the people and a mission to elevate people through either means of enjoyment, inspiration, and knowledge.

In life I have studied music not necessarily in a theoretical sense but more through a psychological and spiritual aspect,

I look within my musical tastes and question myself to why I like or dislike certain sounds.

I look at these paired words such as “musical influence” and I contemplate…does listening to music influence musicians within their craft in a creative way, bringing out something new out of one’s self? Or does being musically influenced by another artists music inhibit one from uncovering what is really new within themselves?, I also look at how we perceive music…Does our perception of music grounded upon how we are raised? the culture or religion we were based on, Is the seeking of musical inspiration have something to do with the current environment around us? Or is having a good imagination the key to the unique and great?, well…………………….in a nutshell what I know is that musicians must remain open minded, you cannot call yourself a musician if you are numb in heart and spirit, one can enable themselves to listen to all the compositions already created, or just listen to the birds singing, the whole idea is to be yourself, and whatever we see hear and experience we should learn, if you look inside yourself you will create “your own music”.

When a musician comes to a point where he thinks he knows it all than this will surely be a musicians descend.  ego can easily come into play for the sake of either one’s abundance of technical ability, abundance in financial status, or just one being plain ignorant, in this mental state “music will not come out!” instead what comes out will either be something that has already been created before, something plastic, or nothing at all!. Humility is the key to elevation and musical inspiration,

 if you want to sound like yourself you must “be yourself”.

Many in this world have different callings in life, and I feel privileged that I have been given the correct guidance to know what I am here on earth to do. When my spirit is high I celebrate through music, when I feel low I uplift myself through music, Though one thing is for sure, I don’t use music to escape from reality, I use music to face reality head on!. I am a composer as much as I am a performer, and my mission is to heal other’s the same way I heal myself through music. regardless I will always put my heart first over everything else in life. What I hear within I act upon at an instant, for it is true that the heart never lies!…let the music rain down and flow like a river to your heart.



I started writing messages out of struggle

I was more than happy sticking to instrumental music and evolving deeper into this direction but I felt that there was not an individual in and out of music currently conveying the type of message I needed to hear,  So by conviction I started to sing I dint care about my voice because to me there was something more important to me than harmony and technical vocal ability, “The message”.

I use my writings to weave in and out of the music, one of the reasons I write is because as much as I view music as being the greatest form of communication, I also cannot ignore that most people in this day and age need to hear the truth through words” in order to heal. You see I look at the world and I see suffering in the duality of the physical and the mental, so I heal these Pains through the medium of “Music and Words of Truth”..LOVE

One must be careful as spoken words can be misleading, and not only in a sense of languages or semantics but for example, Poetry can sometimes deceive because as pretty as it may sound this can sometimes make the listener come up with a thousand translations as to what the writer meant, and I never want people to be left in states of confusion with any of my written works, So I make sure that what I put on paper for the majority is written and communicated in a concrete form, however not all that I write may sound simple, there’s exceptions where some written works require higher thinking, for those who receive higher thinking will come to higher understanding thus leading them to right knowledge, but even in what some may term as complexities within some of my written works I still form each message in a way that even if one is not inept in understanding every little detail the general message or idea will be understood at an instant, if you have a spirit you will understand all my works.

I hope I never have to sing or speak forever, if I would be to map up my journey in life it would be to return where I first began and get back to dealing purely with music, but I feel I must mix the two entities until the people I want to reach return to a better state of mind. unlike music writing is a calling of which came to me latter in life, I first put heart to ink when I was 21. and It seems that this journey wont end any time soon.

what do I write about? Love!, and Unity!, really this is all I focus on..this is simply where I want to bring people, the message can be delivered through shades of comedy or straight up in your face seriousness, Just because I talk about L.U. does not mean that all my messages sound kind and clean, sometimes I will have to slap some people upside the head with my pen to get a point across, believing that one has to be gentle all the time if you are in love is a myth!..especially in the world we are living in, most people don’t want to hear reality, so reality is just what they will receive from me. Slap!..I still love you..Slap!

I never wanted to step to the mic before but now that I have a message there’s no turning back!.

You are watching a vision that I have taken all the responsibility of carrying on until what I fight for will come to pass..then after words?..Music!


196 thoughts on “MY CALLING

  1. loveandcharcoal

    Love. Thank you. I didn’t see you were following me. I am happy. I am in tears. You are part of my healing. I am a musician/singer/songwriter/dancer. I have been locked in my room for years. I say the biggest mistake I ever made was becoming a mainstream artist. I was broken to splinters. I have a unique sound and style and it was used against me. There are many people who loved my artistry. When I disappeared, even more people joined in. But it was too late. I am trying to get back in the groove of making music. I gave away all my instruments, so now all I have is my voice. I’m also a great writer, so I channel those skills into my blogs. Thank you for this mirror you have placed in front of me. I pray your blessings increase forevermore.

  2. You inspire me to do not give know.. yesterday I had a bad day, i was really sad because i couldnt sell some handicrafts in Cambridge (I am from Mexico and i realised that people here do not trus at all when you are in the street selling, they see you like a hobbo or stranger)anyway, thanks for following my blogg i have to much work to do it there and aftre reading your message which inspires me to do it even more better and try it matter… i DO LOVE MUSIC… MUSIC MOVES EVERYTHING..I do believe it… and i will listend to you music… peace brother!!! good vibes!!!!!!

    1. This message is truly inspiring, Thank you very much!, & yeah I hear you, the positive thing about that situation is that those bad days just make our skin thicker, you know? so that we can inspire others going through similar situations. all the best to you & your works. Keep in touch, Peace. Vonj

  3. Katie Anderson

    You absolutely hit it. Inspiration and meaning can be found in sounds from all cultures. Sometimes I find it becomes a form of divination. When I hear certain songs in a specific mindset I see patterns in the way that the universe/multiverse communicates or emphasizes an idea that has been repeated in other forms that maybe I wasn’t listening to very well.

  4. What a lovely post! One that I can completely relate to! I, too, have been in music from very young age. I’ve had people ask me about how long I’ve played, and the only real thing I can tell them to express it is that I don’t have a memory that doesn’t have music in it!

    I look forward to diving into more of your writings and listening to your music. Be blessed, brother!

  5. Hi, thanks for following my blog. I gave your music a listen on youtube; it reminds me of Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd a lot. I like it! Right up my alley! Keep doing what you do bro!

    ~ Peace

  6. Fascinating post, and really chimes with me and the reasons for writing fiction (which is my main artistic expression). “The challenge being to turn every situation into something positive, Sometimes we are unable to face reality, and so in my experience I have learned that the most effective way to deal with new experiences whether it be positive or negative is through an artistic implement.” Inspiring (and very true).

  7. Thanks for allowing me to get a birds eye view of who you are and what moves you. I also love music and one day plan to write music. Learning the guitar right now. Also thanks for following Thoughtful Expressions. Blessings.

  8. Vonj,
    You have a fascinating site full of not only insights into what living should be, but unique music filled with meaning. Thanks for following my blog. May 2015 be productive for you.

    1. I remain humble and thankful for your message of actuation, what I do is a pleasure. and people like you make it easier for me to continue against the grain you know?, so I am in appreciation. L.U. Vonj

  9. Words; how I hate to love them.

    Your thought about moving away from using words to just music made me think. Are not words just music set to different beat, different media. To me it would be like separating music from math. I love math too and music and math are so intertwined. I know one can go a whole life and never contemplate the association that these three things have with each other I on the other hand look at them at being different sides of the same object.

    Above was my not my first thought about your words, this is the first.

    Music your type of music non-verbal is the greatest proof of creation. How it is that people create anything, however it could be stated that much of man’s creation is in the act of keeping alive so could be evolutional in scope. Music on the other hand has know known ability to keep one safe or dominant over others. The love of music is universal in scope, meaning there is no social, intelligence, physical attribute, even deafness does not hold power over music. What more need to be said.

    Love your writing.

    Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

    1. Yes indeed Carl, I thank you for your message friend, your expression is precisely what I am trying to convey, all the great and good things are all intertwined, the sciences and mathematics are all building blocks within art. We are holistic being’s, so we must put our time towards understanding the universe. Stay in Harmony, Balance, and Love. vonj

  10. I really like the what you said in the first paragraph, “With a free mind you can never stop learning.” I totally agree. This piece eloquently describes how hard enlightenment is to come by.

    Thanks for following me.

  11. Love your focus and passion. Music has infused, cradled and fed me since I was two making up my own songs. It has filled entire dreams of mine. It pulses in my being in every moment and i hear the sound of creation in my ears.

  12. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog. I can relate to what you said in this post even though I’m not a musician. Feeling called to be a writer brings most of the same questions, thoughts, and introspection. I agree that spirit and love are paramount. My favorite singer/songwriter has always been John Denver. That’s what he sang about — spirit, love for each other and the Earth, beauty, meaning. One of his songs that never made it to an album has a profound chorus: “Love is the answer. Love is the way. Love is in knowing just what to do and what to say. Love is the reason. Love is the why. Love is in heaven right here on earth and peace inside.” It’s called “The Wandering Soul.” You might like it. Here’s a link to a YouTube video.

  13. Greetings Vonj,

    Your Love & Unity approach works for me, even though I don’t always take the direct route. You have a wonderful site with a genuine presence and I need to take more time to look it over soon.


    1. Greetings there, I do appreciate your message, I see no other way but to live right by truth, I hope you enjoy what is forth coming, and if you have any questions or thoughts on any subject, feel free to express yourself on this open space. Peace & Love

  14. If you want to sound like yourself, you must “Be yourself.” So true! Thanks for the follow today, and the opportunity to meet you and get a glimpse of your large, capacious vision. Looking inside yourself, looking at your fellow humans, looking at history and choices and opportunities. Reporting what you see and hear and sense. Thanks for sharing it widely and powerfully. I love the photo at the top of this post! Wish it had a sound track, too….

  15. Thank you for following my blog. I like the layout and structure of your blog, nicely done. The deeper you get spiritually the more powerful the sound of your music. You are blessed with your gift of music.

    1. I do thank you, Sound is everything, This is why “Live” is where the true spirit can be unveiled, so Now we are trying to magnify into the books so we can amplify the truth, deduction after deduction people will come to the live shows.Ha! peace and Harmony

  16. bibbski

    Vonj, thank you for stopping by my blog and a follow. I’ve had a read of yours, you are such a prolific artist/writer. I wish you fulfillment and satisfaction, peace and tranquillity. It’s what I wish for myself, too. Love and unity, as you say, sounds like a plan 😉

  17. Shery Alexander Heinis

    Hi Vonj: thanks for visiting my blog and the follow! You pose questions in this post that are relevant to all artistes, not just musicians. I consider my self a poet and writer and I do ask myself similar questions. I like your statement “I don’t use music to escape from reality, I use music to face reality head on!” Keep on producing inspiration work!

  18. Hi and thanks for following my blog! I read this post and thought you had some great ideas. I especially like the “find something positive in every situation”-attitude and, of course, the message of love. I’m not musically gifted but I hope I can get some points across with my writing, even though I mostly concentrate on just giving the reader an enjoyable experience. So also thank you for the interesting text, I’ll definitely give your other posts a read as well!

    1. Love there Niina. Greetings, I greatly appreciate your time and expression on this space, I am glad we are mutual on the projected concepts of positivity. Indeed all these idea’s have been tested and they work, most people do not have the courage to follow truth through, However… if you be yourself you will will only come through expressing the best in your works, keep applying this within your writing my friend. L.U.

  19. manciniblessed

    Thanks for following my blog and carry on in your quest for truth in word and music.Your honesty in your posts I appreciate..

  20. Thank you for following my blog, Vonj. I’ve been reading yours, impressed by your many talents and especially by the depth of insight and heartfelt meaning you convey through your words and music. I love the way you are communicating your message through music and other performance arts as well, plus your blog. Thanks for inviting us to share your journey.

  21. Vonj – thank you for stopping by my blog. I am enjoying reading your posts. I really loved “let the music rain down and flow like a river to your heart.” Music can evoke memories and emotions. You are very lucky to have found your calling at a young age. Keep up the good work!

  22. carlisdm

    So I read your questions regarding whether listening to music influences musicians within their craft in a creative way and if it lets them uncover what is really new with themselves… And I concluded writers face the same analogy, but as writers we have to read a lot in order to improve our skills, and of course we will be influenced by other writers, but when the time comes of bringing our own stories, true writers will show they inner creative side and will let their unique voices shine… I guess with music could be same, no matter if you listen to other music, a true musician will always look for his/her inner souls when creating music..
    Thanks for following my blog…

    1. Hey there, a brilliant and beautiful conjecture..made me smile I tell ya, let us view this on a sightly different angle, with your permission may I pose a question to you? it comes, The more we read (the writer) the more we listen (the musician) do we all go blind? or know more? Vonj

      1. carlisdm

        I think we know more, we understand better or we could say we get a better insight. I think that for the musician (the same for the writer), the more music you listen, the better you know what works, what doesn´t, what feels right, etc. I think it´s a win win situation 🙂

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