Do it in 2013 not 2014

The year that some people thought would never come to pass, well..some did not make it, let us think of those whom did not make it to 2013………..

Now set your minds in the state that we have another chance in making things right this year, a chance of redeeming and purging ourselves off what we know we should not do.

Please hear me….Imagine if you only had one year to live? Lessen this to 6 months, a month, a week, a day…..Tell me if your perception of life would change faced with those situations?

The exact end of the world will not and cannot be predicted and no one knows their end, even if you point a gun to your face and pull the trigger you do not know if either you will kill your body instantly or wake up in a coma and become a cabbage till your old age….

In 2013 are you dwelling on what you love?..Do you commit 100% to what you love to do, if you are than good, this is where you should be, but if your not, find yourself, only you know what you really love to do, dedicate a day to commit to your passion, now dedicate 2 days….

Do not think about the money, think about your soul, and why you are here at this moment in time January 20th 2013, and see if you and the people around you don’t feel happier!

This is the year to act on your gift and fulfill your needs!
Do it now, as 2014 ain’t guaranteed to any one of us!