W.  M.pt1

This Part includes the following pieces:

Blood for money/ Tell us the truth / Page of an age / Wisdom and light / Over Draconian / This is the life / Violet Omen


Blood for money                                                                                       

Copyright 2008

First part

Mr Governor

You Need to think Now

Billions waiting for the answer

High expectations for the winds to change direction

High communication but they say goodbye to action

Behind closed doors I wonder what they say

In front of the window of mediocrity They say they pave the way

They inspired confusion to all dimension

the intention to a global end 

First Set of mantra’s

So what’s with this recession

Bringing us frustration

breaking our foundation

this is not progression

Your false promises and policies striking poverty in this rich world 

Second Part

People, People, People

we need to work together

receive a connection

Stop relying on every word that’s funded

Stop the fearing its time for mental healing

Look within you know you’ll find the meaning

in-spite of their strategical sophistry majority power concurs

so lets make amendment to wipe this social injustice

Claim your land

Second set of Mantra’s

Wipe out Confusion

Wipe out Delusion

Wipe out Corruption

Wipe out Destruction

Final Mantra

No Blood for money x4

Tell us the Truth                                                                                        

Copyright 2009

 First Part 

Constellations made of man

Tales done untold

Contention in the air

Men divide themselves

They disprove the evidence

All in the name of dividend

Beauty in the mask

Ugliness is brunt within

some hide in ignorance

Knowledge seems omitted

You know its predicted babe

Time to change your passageway 


You are the blinded rounded and hunted,

Remove your shroud, get out the dark————-Tell us the truth 

Second Part

If they looked in the mirror

Their souls would crumble down

Yes I speak of everyone

Enthralled to your wicked call

They take the figure of kings

but you never see them

For they hide behind the shadows

of discontent

There should be no fear

No worries for the just

A perfect lethal portion

for those Who drew innocent Blood 


You are the blinded, rounded, and hunted

Remove your shroud get out the dark,

Tell us the truth——————————.Repeat…x9


Page of an Age                                                                                            

Copyright 2009

 First part

I was born in a land

where the ground was complete

flew back in time

where I came to meet my destiny

made many friends

I never made an enemy

because of one thing we agreed

the world is out of unity

one thing we agree

the world is out of unity


We have come a long ways

We should know right from wrong

when will we ever understand

The way to our heart

Second part

reflection flashed through my screen last night

the deception was blinding

a transceiver through my speaker woke me up at dawn

through my ears come waves of misconception

Sometimes I want to stay away

pay no heed to what’s really going on

but I realise

there’s a battle to be WON

I realise

there’s a battle to be ONE


We have come a long ways

We should know right from wrong

when will we ever understand

The way to our heart

Wisdom and Light                                                                           

Copyright 2009

First Part

Kill the wise man, “Words From the spades”,

Driven from the land for the trouble they made,

As the dust settles down, the depression awakes,

Now the path is clear, do they see another day?

Second Part

{Can you see the future?}, unfold through the great scrolls?

Did you hear about the man who tried to change history?

Was buried in the wall, Soldiers left in Acheronian!

The principals of life hidden out of sight 


Search is on for wisdom and light x2 

Third Part

Story> ready> written>, “time turns the page”

Patience to the guided man “who learns with age”

But he’ll never fall to the pit of doubt 

With the right key he opens the door to the {right} 

Fourth Part

Earth seems bellow understanding

As it spins, under the sun!

If it found what is beneath the very pith;

{Skies and rainbows will be felt} 


Search is on for wisdom and light x4


Over Draconian                                                                                    

Copyright 2008 

First part

Feel your way in

to a place you’ve never been

liberty exchanged for pain

unforgivable defines 

Second Part

Is this just a dream

or a vision of reality 

Third Part

wake up to the sounds

shuddering are the grounds

Mines and minds entangle

and all is veiled from the fool 

Fourth part

Open your eyes

and you will realize

a brighter day a better place

a stronger heart and eased mind 

Fifth part

In the end of it all

Regrets they are tall

the third chanced is erased

but they still think they won 

Sixth part

Greed is their only weapon

and you know this wouldn’t  last long

because destiny is our ammunition 

Seventh part

Over Draconian

Over Draconian


This is the life                                                                                           

Copyright 2009

First part

I wake up in the morning storm

Ain’t no sun within my reach

Sometimes life can seem like its going nowhere

I trust my heart and live today

Even if tomorrow is the same

Perseverance is my middle name

There’s no way I will get tired

all I can do is abide and ride

hoping one day I will say


This is the life x2

Second part

Do you feel your life is tough

and you think you had enough

situation feels like its never ending

Turn that into positive

when your down you can only rise

I promise that a breakthrough is in your path

struggle builds a stronger heart

pass the test there is reward

and one day you will say


This is the life x4


Violet Omen                                                                                          

Copyright 2009

First part

Rising minds at constant ease

Fight each day just to be heard 

The evening kings kissed the desolate fiends

Now our bitterness transcends control 

Transparent cause to loose responsibility

feuds are made and few they laugh 

while we lay in bed with the times

draw your eyes from the ink that lies

Second part

The war for the truth is long like the river Nile

there’s no aptitude in the multitude 

Candles lit but the spark not shown

Can you exceed your dignity? 

The answer comes in form of a question, why are we so blind

while signs of meaning show everywhere 

Look to yourself this is real

don’t set yourselves for decontrol


Sing along, Sing Along

If you want to know

the secret to end it all

bring peace of mind for all

Let it out,  Let it out

what is in your soul

show examples of love

make them all want to know

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