W.  M.pt7

This Part includes the following pieces: 

Give it All / Then We will rise  / Love Yourself / Overcome / Visions


Give it all                                                                                           

Copyright 2011

First part

Everybody here

Endeavours towards freedom and happiness

Everybody here has been blinded

lost in a whole of deception 

Mental separation physical divide

the mission to build slaves for tomorrow

you’re not in a class of your own

the rich the poor “the middle man’s days are number 


and still they wonder why……They can’t find the key… 


Need to come to know there’s a better

when we can open our hearts and our hearts and our minds we can give it all 

Second part

False Doctrines taught to the young

“we are nothing but animals, we eat sleep, make babies, and die”

You are already a good slave

who’s forgot the infinite possibilities, colours and emotion

Who is to blame?

Is it the president, the king or the queen?

Or is it all chaos?

The answer? We did not listen to our hearts

and put trust in what man made 


“I am leaving you to find the questions” 


Need to come to know there’s a better way

When we can open our hearts and our minds we can change

if we listen we can open our eyes, we can share….

Life is too short brother, sister GIVE IT ALL

Then we will rise                                                                      

Copyright 2012

These statements that we share are known to be true to the heart

And meaning that we share this is to provide elevation to the ones that will to find themselves

For it is already known that many are lost in this deceptive world

They only see the truth in fragments

And in our state of mental retardation the truth seems stranger than fiction

Now our job is to provide an anchor that will bring you out of the darkness

And set you in sync with higher vibrations

So you can come back to nature and learn the wisdom that you used to have

Before the great fall of mankind

When we come to the realisation that we have been deceived we will feel bitter

But that bitterness will be numbed when we come to over stand how much potential we all have

To help and build one another within our spiritual mental physical well being

When our ego that society has built has broken is down then we will rise!


Love Yourself copyright 2013

If you love yourself

You’ll hear the sound, feel the groove, and Set the tone

But if you hate yourself,

You’ll Fail the scale, miss the message, and loose the key,

If you love yourself,

You’ll get the picture, see the vision, and exceed your goals

But if you hate yourself,

You’re in the dark, numb at heart; you’ll fall apart, now what you got?


Love yourself now, it’s the only way you can love another

Second part

If you hate yourself,

You’re an ego tripper; you don’t appreciate what you got that’s why you suffer

If you love yourself,

You’ll get respect, and what you give will all come back and that’s a fact

If you hate yourself,

Count your losses, this will kill your self esteem prepare for failure,

If you love yourself,

Your independent, you’ll help the people save the people provide enlightenment

Love yourself

That’s what I say

Love yourself

Overcome – copyright 2013

In this world

Give your all

But never expect to be remembered,

No matter how you sacrificed yourself

To help your fellow man

But when your down they will forget you


When all ells fail’s, close your eyes, get through the dark and you’ll see bright colours

Take a step, and you’ll not regret

Build your mind you’ll over come.

Second Part

When you’re born

And when you die now

You come go on your own

So don’t depend

Or put your faith in anyone

Cause only you can save yourself

Final Mantra

Overcome (X4)

Visions Copyright 2013

I see pastors in the pulpit preaching empty words to fill their pockets…such as shame..but that’s how it is…

Religion cursed the congregations, dividing a people from the truth, such a shame..but that is how it is


Where’s the love in this

Where’s the love in this

They will never change 

Second part 

From the beginning they used religion to concur divide and rule the people, and its still the same..history repeats itself…

Don’t wonder why these times are tougher, don’t wonder why our kids are lost, some thing’s wrong if you put your faith in their words.


Where the love in this

Where’s the love in this

They will never change.. 

Third part

If we only came back to nature, that’s the way we can change our future, but still you don’t listen….Time will never wait for you now, open your mind and free your soul…make a difference, but still you don’t listening..

Fourth part

Innocent Tears and the blood that’s been shed in religions name,I see the ignorant, begging and pleading for mercy, and it all false down on deaf ears..you were warned

Final Part

Ministries preachers who lead us astray false prophets, your end is now, what goes around comes around, yours eyes will be opened and all you see is the sea of fire and your all burning and the pain of the one’s you’ve oppressed will be multiplied on you a thousand times and more

 then the children will rise


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