W.  M.pt5

This Part includes the following pieces:

Quarter of a century/ Ask question/ Light into dark matter / A mothers love / Inspiration Elevation / J.A.Z.Z

Quarter of a century                                                                

Copyright 2012

Quarter of a century since I was born, Quarter of a century still struggling and unknown,

But what is within me I feel satisfied. 

I’ve experienced all kinds things and all kinds of people, those that are true and those that are evil,

But all I know is that we need to make time to be equal. 

Swine’s and opportunists will reveal themselves through your life, but that’s the curse of time hatred and strife though  with the revelation in mind, be quick to get in line. 

A Quarter of a century in consciousness, is more valuable than a million centuries in ignorance, so every second I treasure to make life become a pleasure. 

Quarter of a century I feel privileged without money for my mind is free, and expressions are profound,as I get closer and closer to decade three. 

at the age of five I began the journey from life to consciousness,  As a young child I observed my environment subconsciously, now at twenty five I must continue my future cautiously, 

we remain in a spiral of changes,nothing ever remains the same

some changes come by surprise and some by manifestation

Ask Questions                                                                             

Copyright 2012

First Progressions

Ask Questions, Ask Questions, Ask Questions (x4) 

Second Progression

Find the truth now! (x4)

Final Progression

So what is up with the central bank?

So who is really responsible for war?

Why cant the European union account for 95% of its expenses?

Is Aids a coincidence?

Or is someone trying to make it easier to steal something?

Why is Libya, Iran Cuba, North Korea, Sudan threats to the first world?

Who Really owns the media?

And who really believes in the media?

So how did you come to join the army?

Did uncle Sam come knock on your door?

Did you join because your personally wanted to kick some ass?

Or was it so you can pay for that collage pass?

Do you really fight for your country?

…Or for someone else’s money?

So why are all these conscious leaders getting shot?

Is this all a massive coincidence?

Light into dark matter                                                                 

Copyright 2012 

Instrumental musical progression followed by the main structure of the music beginning with the following 

First Part

Let us fight till the morning comes

money is the root of all evil

all they want to control all the people

we got to stop their order

Second Part

Now you are seeing the future

things won’t get any better

get all your minds out of the darkness

step to the light and witness

Breakdown nursery tale

(Hey kids………………..

Do you want to know why your mamma and pappa are depressed and fight all the time?

The government!

……The government?…. Hold on kids…

your moving ahead of yourselves, It goes a lot deeper than that…..

“well is it the deficit the world bank has put us in?….

we are in debt to the bank aright,

 but how did we get in this situation in the first place?,

“did money go into privet hands and now they control the system?”

Ah now This is why your mamma and your daddy fight all the time 

Completing with audio quotes from various famous individuals making statements on their perception of how the world is run today 

All the words the words that you’ve heard are from people who seek to find the truth


A mothers love                                                                  

Copyright 2012

From the springtime I heard

All that you said

Through the summer your there

To guide me

You pick me up in the fall

with a smile on your face

In the winter your there

To share your love

Inspiration Elevation                                                               

Copyright 2012

First Part

Circles are what humanity is stuck in

never ending is the suffering we feel

day to day trying to find ways to be free

for some reason we think money can buy freedom

and for this we sink lower in our kingdom

people we need to get things right now 


Inspiration elevation that’s what should be (x2) 

Second Part

Seems like everything gets overrated and outdated but war

something is wrong PEOPLE this fighting we must stop

miss education everywhere the truth is heard to find

and the sources that we listen to mainstream they all tell lies

PEOPLE, PEOPLE we need to get things right 


Inspiration Elevation that’s what should be (x2) 


The Job is upon us all

to lend a helping hand to the world

Think of the children of the future

The Time is now



Inspiration Elevation that’s what should be (x4)



Copyright 2012    

                                      You don’t know what you mean to me,

Nourishment for the soul within,

freedom that’s rising through sound, 

why do we fight and never make amends,

Jazz through our ears helps us tie loose ends,

when we are in and out of town,

Jazz makes the world go around, round, round, 

Second Part,

The witnesses see the evidence,

the feeling we get from jazz makes  all the sense,

All you got to do is listen,

and love will never be absent,

since the beginning of time we try to express,

our mood within through music,

the darkness the light and the colours between,

Jazz is the rainbow that we can feel, 


got to tell you now,

Jazz is here to stay,

got to tell you now,

j..a..z..z…is..here..to stay,

JAZZ (x4) 


 some make a mistake trying to define Jazz,

people put it in one place and say..

(umm Jazz is 1920’s to 1960s music),

to me jazz means the future,

but the reason you don’t hear the future today is because,

Your environments and your industries put boundaries on colors tones and textures, the reality of instrumental expression has been seen as a threat as it creates “free thought” and “New Ideas”,

so  now It is left up to us (the new generation) to pick up our instruments and show the future for the children yet to come,


Jazz (x4),

Vonj copyright 2012,



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