The Brief Updates – 2021

Greetings people, Hope everyone has been progressing well during these recent times?

It’s been a while now since I published on these platforms, But now I figure it’s the right time to start keeping you all informed here on the latest news.

First I thank everyone who’s been there backing me up & supporting all the projects I have relentlessly continued to build on in the past few months, The journey toward total independence is a testing one, But I see hardships all as part of the process toward success.

As you all know this pandemic had halted live shows, However things now are changing for the better & will be ready to announce some local shows soon, Me & the band are certainly looking forward to make a comeback, & continuing from where we left off.

There’s also a studio album that has been in the works of which I really am looking forward to release, dates will be announced soon on www.vonjlive.com,

With regards to ‘Cave Music Studios’ in Bath, I keep looking forward to see new musicians come through each week to rehearse & record here, You can have a look at what we do on www.cavemusicstudios.co.uk, & if interested in practising or recording feel free to send your enquiries to cavemusicstudiosbath@gmail.com

Will expound upon each of the projects I am involved in on a separate post, In the meantime I wish you all a productive & blessed week.

Peace & love.


Dignified Friday’s presents: “song of mind”

Love & harmony family,

On my 2nd album INTEGRATION (all in caps for a reason) I released a track titled “Mind” for further emphasis I concluded on this theme on the third album V.N.A. “Song of mind”

I hope you enjoy brothers & sisters..



Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 16 “Time to Change the Game”

These are all expressions that came through my heart. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love; Vonj.


Is it you or is it me

there’s no story’s in the papers

is it you or is it me

on the TV screens pretenders

is it you or is it me

jokers on the radio

now this is personal

exploitation exaltation

money is the name of their game


It is time to change the game

It is time to pave a new way

Second part

That was then this should be now

put true emotion to motion

that was then this should be now

put the notion to creation

that was then this should be now

get on your feet and lead the fleet

now this is personal

Exploitation exaltation

Money is the name of their game


It is time to change the game

It is time to pave a new way (x2)


Sleepless nights I watch the sunrise after the dawning I cant help but realize…how the world could get better if we put fear aside


It is time to change the game

It is time to pave a new way (x2)

Vonj Copyright 2010

Dignified Fridays presents – Mind

Greetings Family, Happy Dignified friday people, Yes indeed another new stream I present with love…


I hope you enjoy

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Love Vonj

Dignified Fridays presents – Song of Life

Greetings brothers and sisters,

I hope each of you have had a positively strong week and geared for a weekend of accomplishment.

To play you through your Friday evening I shall embed a song titled, “Song of Life”, another V.N.A. exclusive

Enjoy family.


 Love – Vonj

Dignified Fridays presents – Song of soul

Good evening people; We have approached yet another Friday, a blessing indeed, so you know what this means…
a new song. Here is a number off my V.N.A (Visualizing Nature in Action) album; introducing “Song of soul”.
I hope you enjoy family.



Twenty Fifteen; The age of awareness

We are at a point now where we are able to gather and disseminate information faster and quicker than ever before, May we take advantage of this and aim to open our minds full circle, making the decision to opt out of this turmoil of allusion. Many are left lost and confounded by the political machines of which convey propaganda through publication and broadcast, we have been ingratiated by the media to exchange our true values for detriment. Balance is what we need, balance is what I personally work towards achieving, may we all be determined, may we all be motivated, may we all be driven towards a quickening state in order for us to realize a positive tangibility within our lives.
From now on it should be exigent for us to study and investigate the things that exist around us, learning and understanding the values of physical and abstract existence. this gives us a good standing for growth as beings. However we will only begin to become even greater beings when we feel the need to share and educate others out of love, Yes sometimes we may need to make sacrifices, Yes sometimes we will need to be tolerant, but if we emanate love, our mission will be truly our reward, This is the next level of being.
what thrilling times we are living in today, what much that we have seen and experienced, I feel a shift coming, people are waking up every day to truth, We are starting to realize that there are no middle grounds, none but 2 paths remain; the decision is ours to take, we all have free will, may we be free….
Peace & Love Family


Dignified Fridays presents – Reel in that Real

This is indeed a new song family, for those who like a jazz type vibe in with a scoop of fusion, this one is for you:
one thing you will discover about me is that we will keep taking you through different schools of sound all in the name of uniting people. So without further to do, “Reel in that real” family..
hope you find enjoyment.



A new song for a new sun

To thank everyone for the love they have shown on this space throughout this year; I would like to show my appreciation with a song fresh off the press. This song is called F.U.N.K. A word I made into an acronym – “Forever Uniting New Knowledge”, I do hope the words within this piece manifest, bringing us into a place where our perception is clearer giving us enough reasoning to take action against negativity.
Hope you enjoy, Peace and blessings family….



Dignified Fridays presents – Love & “Unity”

Greetings people, I hope everyone is dwelling in the spirit of festivity.

I feel this Friday calls for an up beat tune, off my I.N.T.E.G.R.A.T.I.O.N. album I present Unity:in with the lyrics bellow. Enjoy


I’m on my own
But I’m not lonely
I’m on my own because many are egocentric
I seek the truth
I know you don’t like it
So I put the words to music so can’t fight this
I don’t want to swear
But today music is getting rare
How many times did you turn on the radio and there is nothing there to hear?
So we got to keep pressing
Because the times are hard but together we can override it

Media fiction
Mass corruption
Think about it?
Break these chains and keep on rising up

Second Verse
I came; I came to bring you facts
Weather your comfortable with it or not
Elevating people is more precious than silver and gold
But ego lost your mind
Now they bought your soul
So when did we loose the key
To the house of purity
Where’s my library so I can read about my history
We got to keep pressing on
Overcome these times and uncover these times

Media fiction
Mass corruption
Think about it?
Break these chains and keep on rising up

We need to go back, to the music
Take it ahead, with the grooving
Keep on musing
Keep on musing, its soul soothing