W.  M.pt6

This Part includes the following pieces:

The Word (part 1) / Media diarrhoea / Maisha / The Declaration Day / Mentalinstru


The Word (Part 1)                                                                            

 Copyright 2011

Time for some Funky statements

Don’t trust the tongue of the spokesmen who you see and believe to be ruler on your land

His just another puppet on a string used as a tool to fulfill the needs of the higher agenda,

So next time you vote? you might be voting yourself out of this earth, Because money rules in this society. The elite have bought the world a thousand times and more do you think we have a say here people?, because if that was true the world would be a very different place right now. The rich man says….”there’s a recession?! Maybe that’s my yacht dint get delivered on time”…Sad but true, this is the way the world works now. They want to create a clear divide between the rich and the poor, you see they need the poor to fulfill their sadistic pleasures….”Now wash my yacht again”..Rich man says to the slave, and this is already happening all around the world, you see changes and it will get worse from now, unless we say stop as a people!, because you know the people have the real power.

One of the problem have is that we tend to imagine too much, what if? If we could only go back in time? If we could build a time machine we could change things and be in a position to make things better, start a fresh…well this may more disturbing than you ever imagined if we done that literally, because these would open up a whole lot of books.

Osama Bin laden back stroking his way back ashore,  I see ships going backwards from foreign lands towards New York, In them the steel from the twin towers….”now they will never find out”..”pleasure doing the transaction with you sir.

Clip of 9/11 in reverse,..”Breaking news, in a minute a plane is going to come and knock the twin towers down….”Man this passenger planes are just to fast for this jets”…”how do we blame somebody else”…”Look out JF”..”Martin Luther king? Your a great man we are not going to put you in no funky motel we are going to put you in a 5 star hotel”…”Pearl harbour?! Never!”…”You haven’t got any power..mwahaha!”…”Titanic? Another day another dollar”. Money money money It is nothing yet makes slaves out of men, But there’s something more powerful than that its called love, But the thing is they cannot buy or sell love…………“So we are going to get that shit out of BBC, 1 BBC 2, ITV, Channel four, channel five, MTV, CNN, Fox TV, show them all the programs that will make them dumb and docile so we can sell our shit”.

But they don’t know you can never kill love no matter how much you try and damn and suppress it down. One more thing I want to add on to this funk, for those skeptics out there who think their free, Just go down to your town without money and see how free you really are!. All the great leaders who thought they could speak their mind freely to the public, where are they now??.

So I tell you what party you can join, I tell you what party you can vote for…..

Join my party!

Media diarrhoea                                                                   

Copyright 2012


[[Suspense music]]

[[into psychedelic jam + spoken word]] 

First the concept of how music is brought to the public ear does not sound right to me,

seems to me that its all about competition between different acts, Its kind of like boxing were they can only be one number In one particular division, divisions in this case being  “genres”, of which I guess “Pop” is the “heavyweight division”.

And so what does the industry require for me to get any attention?. Is it the use of catchy hooks?….I would rather kick them in the nuts and make a hit my own way.

within society we see the “celebrities” come and go, and yes I know some of them meant something, but maybe there’s other reasons why those of whom “meant something” got taken out earlier than their time, over and over again it seems more evident that someone doesn’t like the idea of anyone having any conscious influence on people.

since the dawn of business there has been a venom that has continued to corrupt integral movements, exposing than exploiting people all in the name of “money”,

business vultures have been busy sending waves of misconception, feeding the weak, and positioning the strong toward less popular  mediums… Television being the legal drug we are all international exposed to from a very young age of which we eventually become addicted to…………………………………………………”Eh man where’s the remote control???, where is it man???? my favorite “high” I mean… “program” is just about to start!!!!!, did you hide the remote control from me????? I need my feed!!”………………………………………………………….

So if you turned on the news, is there corruption in Uganda? Or is it all propaganda?, media theater, the fear agenda, blame some other gender, cant you see how they “channel” into your mind?

and so everyday we see new faces positioned in this cardinal conveyor belt “Tell Lie Vision”, Say; who won the grammys? is this music? or a game between pimps and prostitutes? How do I know this? Because according to the industry, the longevity of an individual relies all in “Image” dot dot dot “video’s!”.

What happens to be the number one fastest selling video’s? Ummm..The kind of type with “ASS” in……………………. “Don’t worry about the music baby…Just take this auto tune and show me some ass and tits and we are gonna get us some hits!……………………………..

[[Changing musical mode back to suspense]]

so where there is no art?, I choose to stay out!, let the music and this message  speak, without your soul? fame and fortune ain’t worth sh!t!. parlevu france. Love.

[[followed by Instrumental Jazz progression]]





We fight for ourselves

If we took the time

to care for one another

we’d feel released for ever


wipe the tears from your eyes

one day you will realize


Second part

Time moves faster,

the older you become,

nothing is wrong with getting older,

as long as you are getting wiser,

show the children a better way,

so the world could live a little bit longer,

find a away to……



wipe the tears from your eyes,

one day you will realize


The Declaration Day                                                                 

Copyright 2012

I met this brother one gloomy day

joking around with his Indian friend,

people thought he was abit insane

His character loud and without no shame

But I seen his light from deep within

He was a people people and this was him

I seen no pretence in his mannerisms

Say he was real as real can be. 

He spoke to me on his history

a background of breakup and misery

how could a man with such a broken heart

make jokes all day and laugh so hard,

was he on drugs in these heavy times

trying to escape from his mental strife’s 

here’s a man who’s on befits

cant get no job and has endless needs

from a young age discouraged from education

society deprived him off mental thinking

and it doesn’t help living in this godless nation

so he remains in search for salvation 

a man with love for the people but people don’t seem to spare time for him

him who I thought was his Indian friend I only seen ones and never seen again

he tries to find solace in his female friends, but that turns out to be another mistake

Yet again he smiles outside but yet again he dies from inside….how many in this world continue to exist like this? So I and my friends stay inclined to try and put a stop to this. 

Show him time show him light

he don’t need to keep searching if you know the way

His attention to education may lack

but we aim to elevate our brother back

we join in with his laughs and smiles

for its the healer from pain and strife

but there’s a time to cut the humour

be serious and talk about the things that matter 

all in the name of restoring our brothers soul

so he one day can make another whole

So I call it the declaration day, cut the crap and help each other out and make the world a better place you Dumb ignorant bastards. But I still love you


Copyright 2012

First part “Mental”

Have you ever wondered about time, and how we perceive time…..

I said to a lot of people that time is limiting…….

We got it in our heads…Time from when and where it is going….

“I can’t wait for that recess bell to ring”……..

And when you’re at work…..

“You can’t wait for that “five O’clock”

You work all week……

When you can’t wait for that “Friday”

So you can finally enjoy these two days of “bliss”…

Again “Time”

“But it does not have to be like that all the time”

We need to find a way to get time out of your mind………..

Get to a place….where you are free…..

Free to think………………………………

Free to gain wisdom and understanding…………..

about the world around you

To get the perception….

Or to try and comprehend……….

The world after….

But we don’t have any time for this so we get caught up with this confusion

Earthly ways……………..Earthly deeds…….

Worried about “money”….paying the bills…

It becomes all a clutter….

you think it makes sense?….Nothing makes sense…nothing here on earth makes “sense”..

We have already been entrained to be “insane”….

You find that as a norm…..Your stuck in a matrix you know?…

However there’s so much more….so much more to this……………………

We are just too occupied…and always falling short of our potential…………………

Have you ever sat down just to listen?…………………To that voice inside

You know?, what can you really do with your life?

Try and help yourself so you can help others…………


You won’t hear this message….

                                            So you will continue in paths…..Paths…….

of confusion

But I still Love you………………


Second part “Instru”

The End

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