Who is a musician?

We must now come to understand who a musician really is, for this is simply where music manifests itself from. A Musicians holds a gift of creativity through forms of sound, and those forms of sound are expressed from deep within, “sounds never originate from our instruments, sounds are completed by our instruments”, instruments are tools used to fulfil our silent yet loud spirits, to gain a transparent execution to our instrument discipline must be of avail, for to convert what is in our spirit into the physical is certainly not easy, simply because the value comes with allot of hard practice, the more we learn how to execute our instruments the more we are naturally able to translate every emotion we feel through it. Passion and hard work is certainly of the essence, but unwilling attitudes have absolutely no value within the progression of a musician.

The key to being a great musician is to keep our spirit completely transparent to our physical instrument, whether the instrument be voiced, drummed, or stringed. I believe no musician has yet united the internal and the physical to the extent of achieving the paramount state in music, I call this state “the state of Musical Perfection”, We all lack to reach perfection easily, and Yes perfection does exist but within different colours of the sound spectrum. Each individual has his or her own colour of which we can only define for ourselves within our musical journey.

I feel no one has ever been patient enough, attentive enough, discipline enough, spiritual enough, passionate enough, forgiving enough, loving enough, been through sadness and happiness enough, seen life enough to reach into the state of musical perfection and remain there. only until the day we become rich in all these vital values and experiences life gives us is when we as musicians will be able to create music of which is close to perfection. so in this let us aspire to become better people and the better people we are the higher the quality of inspiration we will receive for our works as musicians.

8 thoughts on “Who is a musician?

  1. Half the battle of being an artist or a musician is admitting to yourself that you are one. Every day, every time I sit down to write, I have to completely conquer any self doubt. I think once you become hardened by this obstacle, your discipline is fueled by your passion to live up to that calling.

      1. I gave up playing because I did not plan on living. By the time I decided that I could go on living, just not in Texas, my piano and violin had been sold and I didn’t have the money to buy new ones. Plus, I was hanging out at the beach all day, and the beach is not conducive to taking one’s piano and violin……….lol

      2. There is always a greater scheme involved no matter where you are in life. So it sounds like you made the right decision my friend. Do you still sing? It sounds like you are still playing those instruments but only within. Here is your answer. We need beach proof classical instruments hehe. if you got muscle beach why cant we have musical beach where people can come together and Jam all day…

      3. I could have started a musical beach where I am, but The UK weather isn’t conductive to out door living…I miss the sun. Keep me posted on your art man..Every album needs a cover..

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