Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 18 “Red & Blue”

These are all expressions that came through my heart. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love; Vonj.


Its a new birth,

its a time to celebrate,

Its a new birth,

its a time when hope is real,

all the months have gone by now you see the light,

Born and raised,

in a place where poverty lingers,

born and raised,

struggling just to see tomorrow,

even if he cried,

there’s no one to lend a helping hand,


Sailed to manhood,

to survive his got to fight,

sailed to mankind,

A gun in his hand he thinks he is protected,

little does he know prison will come his way,

through his eyes now,

he starts to see the world so clear,

through his eyes now,

shadows of old are now erased,

tears roll down from his eyes and now he see’s red and blue,


Never give up,

Never tear your heart out,

find yourself,

its never to late.

Vonj copyright 2010

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