twenty sixteen, make your vision tangible

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Peace and love family,

I wish you all a positively productive, and a prosperous new year.

Indeed we call this year twenty sixteen, positive expectations are on the rise, the new generation is becoming more and more privy to real information on world affairs.

TV and Cinema have just been bypassed by the growth of the internet, research may cause such a hefty ripple effect that Sports may not seem stimulating enough to distract the new bread of youths coming up.

all eyes are watching. the best thing we can ever do from now on is stay in our lane, be a master of ourselves so we can be able to truly test society and not be placed in a subservient position to the controlling cooperation and institutions. To put it more plainly, if you are into biology for example? study more into this science this year until you can invent your own standards that would stand either evenly or superior amongst that mainstream science

You see it is very easy to become complaisant about life, but whenever you see a flaw in science, politics, religion, TV, the arts, think of what you are able to do in your lane that could override an already flawed existence.

as I said in a song called the word, “We the people have the real power”

2015 for me was the year to draw my blue print, 2016 will be the year the works will be made seen. may we support each other on these things.

many Up dates coming soon.

feel free to comment your thoughts on this page any time

Love & Light People



10 thoughts on “twenty sixteen, make your vision tangible

  1. I believe we will soon see a shift into the light on this planet… more war and the end to greed and power over others. All choices will be for the highest good of the planet and humanity!

    Many blessings for a bountiful year!

  2. K'lee L.

    This is both beautiful and powerful! Here’s hoping the blueprint you’ve drawn up leads you to establishing your power and vision in a world sorely in need of people with both… Happy New Year!

      1. K'lee L.

        Thanks, Vonj. Sending the peace and blessings right back to you. Yes, my focus is definitely on making 2016 something REAL and powerful. I get the feeling you’ll do the same. I’ll be back to check out more of your work. Keep it going!

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