RuAch NEWS: 03/04/2017. Thank YOU!

Peace & blessings family,

The inception of spring is here, I am looking at the name of this season like an action word, as I see this is the time we should all spring up, and sour high within all of our works.

The first message I posted this year was “”be healthy””, This was a very critical message I felt I needed to share, Because no health equals no productivity, I had to make sure if I want to be successful with any production I have to maintain an optimum level of health. And this has been very much the case thus far, I have worked with so many individuals, and every project has been made easy simply because I kept my mind and body clean.

This message today is simply a message to show our gratitude & thankfulness for those who have supported us especially regarding the RuAch album project, which has been taken in very well by the public, we have managed to create notoriety within certain sources in the industry without even doing 1 concert, which is almost unheard of, Your support is also enabling to build the equipment we need in order to go on the road, and this will happen very soon. Within the past few months I have been meticulously searching for musicians that can bring the music to life on stage, I am happy to say I have found some brilliantly gifted musicians, who are bringing great musical ideas to the table. We have a great team together, The names of the individuals will be announced when we start the promotion for our shows.

Also note the first few shows will not be promoted, So unless you know the individuals within the group chances are you wont know when and where we are playing. But will definitely keep you posted on the official shows, This is most certainly going to be a thrilling journey for both the listeners in the audience and for us the musicians, We can’t wait.

We have also just reached 10 thousand followers on Vonj productions, I’m giving thanks to everyone who has supported us on here since the beginning. My aim has always been to try and inspire you the people positively through sound, soul and spirit, and this will never change.

so stay tuned people.

It’s time to spring!

Peace & blessings


2016 – The heat is yet to come

vonj mod

Peace & Blessings people, Just a brief taster on the previous happenings of 2016. I’ve been off the blogs for a while now, harnessing & directing most of my time towards my creative works, I have been moving around the U.K. doing sessions for other artists/bands raising funds for the distribution & promotion of my projects. Musically we are about to bring you one of the hardest hitting independent albums in 2016…., & hopefully the biggest shows out of this in the near future.

The story is long as to how I have got to this point, But through these risky roads of life I have always kept my faith & smile strong in the everlasting journey of learning.

The new album is out on Renaissance day remember?, 07/07/16. You dig? Peace & blessings family.


Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 33 “Beginning”

the beginning

these are all expressions that came through my HEART. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been Musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love; Vonj


This is the Beginning of another day
This is the beginning of a mystery
I am searching for the power to elevate your mind

This is only just the beginning of my love

Second part
This World, I don’t understand
If I could I would disappear
But I am here for the people

This is just the beginning of my love

Third part
Just open your eyes there’s no need to have to have to struggle in this world,
Just look at what your MONEY has done,
Bringing people closer to the gun and far apart from love,
And so now they set confusion in place,
And there’s no where for your mind to rest,
And so I came to turn you away from these destructions,
Ease your mind toward your mission.

Passage Out

This is the beginning of a heart that cares,

This is the beginning for your mind to rise,

I think they call this revolution……

Vonj copyright 2013

Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 28 “MEDIA DIARRHOEA”

These are all expressions that came through my heart. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been   musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love; Vonj.                            

                                                   MEDIA DIARRHOEA.                                                                   

[[Suspense music]]

[[into psychedelic jam + spoken word]] 

First the concept of how music is brought to the public ear does not sound right to me,

seems to me that its all about competition between different acts, Its kind of like boxing were they can only be one number In one particular division, divisions in this case being  “genres”, of which I guess “Pop” is the “heavyweight division”.

And so what does the industry require for me to get any attention?. Is it the use of catchy hooks?….I would rather kick them in the nuts and make a hit my own way.

within society we see the “celebrities” come and go, and yes I know some of them meant something, but maybe there’s other reasons why those of whom “meant something” got taken out earlier than their time, over and over again it seems more evident that someone doesn’t like the idea of anyone having any conscious influence on people.

since the dawn of business there has been a venom that has continued to corrupt integral movements, exposing than exploiting people all in the name of “money”,

business vultures have been busy sending waves of misconception, feeding the weak, and positioning the strong toward less popular  mediums… Television being the legal drug we are all international exposed to from a very young age of which we eventually become addicted to…………………………………………………”Eh man where’s the remote control???, where is it man???? my favorite “high” I mean… “program” is just about to start!!!!!, did you hide the remote control from me????? I need my feed!!”………………………………………………………….

So if you turned on the news, is there corruption in Uganda? Or is it all propaganda?, media theater, the fear agenda, blame some other gender, cant you see how they “channel” into your mind?

and so everyday we see new faces positioned in this cardinal conveyor belt “Tell Lie Vision”, Say; who won the grammys? is this music? or a game between pimps and prostitutes? How do I know this? Because according to the industry, the longevity of an individual relies all in “Image” dot dot dot “video’s!”.

What happens to be the number one fastest selling video’s? Ummm..The kind of type with “ASS” in……………………. “Don’t worry about the music baby…Just take this auto tune and show me some ass and tits and we are gonna get us some hits!……………………………..

[[Changing musical mode back to suspense]]

so where there is no art?, I choose to stay out!, let the music and this message  speak, without your soul? fame and fortune ain’t worth sh!t!. parlevu france. Love.

[[followed by Instrumental Jazz progression]]

Vonj Copyright 2012

Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 16 “Time to Change the Game”

These are all expressions that came through my heart. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love; Vonj.


Is it you or is it me

there’s no story’s in the papers

is it you or is it me

on the TV screens pretenders

is it you or is it me

jokers on the radio

now this is personal

exploitation exaltation

money is the name of their game


It is time to change the game

It is time to pave a new way

Second part

That was then this should be now

put true emotion to motion

that was then this should be now

put the notion to creation

that was then this should be now

get on your feet and lead the fleet

now this is personal

Exploitation exaltation

Money is the name of their game


It is time to change the game

It is time to pave a new way (x2)


Sleepless nights I watch the sunrise after the dawning I cant help but realize…how the world could get better if we put fear aside


It is time to change the game

It is time to pave a new way (x2)

Vonj Copyright 2010

Dignified Fridays presents – Song of Life

Greetings brothers and sisters,

I hope each of you have had a positively strong week and geared for a weekend of accomplishment.

To play you through your Friday evening I shall embed a song titled, “Song of Life”, another V.N.A. exclusive

Enjoy family.


 Love – Vonj

Dignified Fridays presents – Song of touch

Good evening people, I am greeting you in peace and harmony, and I hope we are still in delectation from the festive period gone by..

This Friday, I thought I would bring you an acoustic tune off the VNA album – Song of Touch, I Hope you enjoy this one as the weekend dawns forth.


Dignified Fridays presents – Window

Love and Unity family, Yes Indeed It is Friday (or Free day as I’d rather call it) and this only means, more music!. Yes indeed, springing off my album I.N.T.E.G.R.A.T.I.O.N. the number “Window”. as always I hope you enjoy this tune. Harmony Family. Vonj