Dignified Fridays presents – Quarter of a century

Greetings there family, I hope that you are all happy with the work you put in during the course of the week and that you are prepared to rip its fruit…

I thought I would present to you this week with a short piece titled “Quarter of a century”.
I hope you enjoy.
peace & harmony family


The Portrait of Life


Recently I met a painter named Ian Cryer, by show and proof he is one of the best painters out there, and certainly one of the most humble.  Well…I had the privilege of having him paint a portrait of me. At the time I had just come out of a deeply traumatic and life threatening experience (of which I shall share at a latter date), But this painting will always remind me first to appreciate life, as the breath of life itself is a gift, and also that if we keep our spirit close we can overcome any negative happening!.

below is his website, show him some love


Peace & Harmony Family