Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 6 “Over Draconian”

These are all expressions that came through my heart. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love; Vonj.


Feel your way in,

to a place you’ve never been,

liberty exchanged for pain,

unforgivable defines,

Is this just a dream?,

or a vision of reality? ,


wake up to the sounds,

shuddering are the grounds,

Mines and minds entangle,

and all is veiled from the fool,


Open your eyes,

and you will realize,

a brighter day a better place

a stronger heart and eased mind


In the end of it all,

Regrets they are tall,

the third chance is erased,

but they still think they won?


Greed is their only weapon

and you know this will not last long,

because destiny is our ammunition,

Over – Draconian,

Over – Draconian


Copyright 2008


Dignified Fridays – “Pumpion life day”- with the Song of life

Yet again family, We arrive upon this moment of which was not guaranteed to us, the paramount reason may be in that we value our health, This said, The Pumpkin: a good food substance to add upon to your diet on most days of the year, feel free to research this at your own leisure, I call this the ‘Pump your own’ life day, speak it fast. now let us find a reason to celebrate something every day, so be creative, stay meek and healthy family, hope you enjoy the music, Song of life