Ruach News: Take heart! 29/07/16


Love & Unity people, I hope we have all had a positive & progressive week, This has been one of those inspiring yet heavy weeks for me personally, I recently learned that my great family friend, brother Julius Mutunga passed away this week. This came too sudden for the family, As this guy was a sent angel to us, This is one of those people of whom very few if not none could walk in his shoes. One strong individual!, Just like my father was, whom also has transcended. I remember me & Julius always talked about recording an album together, But the opportunity never came to pass. So I suppose we will Jam Again, But in another realm of existence, the higher entities. We love Julius, Rest in Power brother!, (on the picture Julius is on the electric guitar, & that’s Lil Vonj smiling on the bass)

My experiences in life have been extreme, especially for someone still in his 20s, we have witnessed & experienced the very WORST & the very BEST of the things in life, But this means nothing If one is not learning from experience, & through this  we come to understand our purpose in life, There are reasons why we are exposed to certain experiences. For me I realize that In actual fact I am in a privileged state, Because now I am able to share my experiences to others, providing comfort, motivation,  &  elevation to the people who are going through certain situations.

I try to use music as my MAIN vehicle to disseminate resolutions to people, I always have, & I will always will.

So with Spirit we remain working against the grain 24/7 Literally, because we also note down our dreams, “one of the greatest key parts in our life experience”.

Take heart people!.

The album Ruach is out on 261 stores online, You can’t miss it!.
I-Tunes being the most popular choice for downloads, Here is a special link to the 3 singles we released.

Physical copies can be ordered directly through

I also learned that a few tracks are already in rotation on certain obscure radio stations!, so keep an ear out! As we are officially international!.

I will let you know when the new video is out on our channels.

We really thank you all for your support. Keep spreading the word.

Love & Unity from the RUACH family.

Vonj, Carmine, Martin, Mat, Garry.

Have a great weekend family.

Vonj – words of songs Chapter 35 “Integration”


intergration 2

These are all expressions that came through my HEART. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been Musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love; Vonj


Get this people on this mission,
Set the captives free to think now,
Come together build kingdom,
We can learn from one another,


But what did they do to all the conscious leaders?
Kill them kill them kill them,
Kill them kill them kill them,
Malcolm X?,
Kill them kill them kill them,
Mahatma Gandhi?,
Kill them kill them kill them,

Second Verse,
Where’s our teachers they are  our healers,
Set examples for our children,
Visualize a better living,
Get the people educated,


What did they do to Lucky Dube?
Kill them kill them kill them,
Benazir Bhutto?,
Kill them kill them kill them,
Tupac Shakur?,
Kill them kill them kill them,
Martin Luther King?
Kill them kill them kill them.

Did you want to take them away?
For the good that they have done?
Well I have bad news for you…
Because love never ends….
Love never fails….
Love does not die….
Forever is love…..}

bring the people…x2

Show the people truth.

Stir the people…x2

make them see reality

Vonj copyright 2013


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Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 34 “Mind”

mine your mind

These are all expressions that came through my HEART. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been Musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love; Vonj


So what’s the deal with the world?
Greedy nations rising,
What’s to kill in the world?,
Media propaganda,
What’s the game they played to you?
Terror cards say pay your taxes,

What’s the state of the human race?
Death is on horizon,
What to do to redeem ourselves?

All you need in you is your mind,
To fight,
This crime,
It’s your right,

Second Part
Tell me this,
Who runs the world?
Cowards behind curtains,
How to beat what you don’t see..
Get back to your nature,
What is wrong with this society?
We don’t act on what we believe in.
Rise up all the people,
Begin a revolution,


All you need in you is your mind,

To fight
This crime
It’s your right

Third part
Why do you not react to the problems in the world?
Are you scared or are you blind?
Victory is in the peoples hands,
Elevate your mind to be free,
Generate ideas to stop this war,
Its up to us to create a better world, a greater world, a fruitful world, we need more motivation so I say…

Forth part,

Come ON everybody,

We all know we are one,
Don’t you fear their agenda,
Together we can over run them,

Exit resolve,

M.I.N.D…use your mind x3,
“Put your mind together”

Vonj copyright 2013.

Twenty Fifteen; The age of awareness

We are at a point now where we are able to gather and disseminate information faster and quicker than ever before, May we take advantage of this and aim to open our minds full circle, making the decision to opt out of this turmoil of allusion. Many are left lost and confounded by the political machines of which convey propaganda through publication and broadcast, we have been ingratiated by the media to exchange our true values for detriment. Balance is what we need, balance is what I personally work towards achieving, may we all be determined, may we all be motivated, may we all be driven towards a quickening state in order for us to realize a positive tangibility within our lives.
From now on it should be exigent for us to study and investigate the things that exist around us, learning and understanding the values of physical and abstract existence. this gives us a good standing for growth as beings. However we will only begin to become even greater beings when we feel the need to share and educate others out of love, Yes sometimes we may need to make sacrifices, Yes sometimes we will need to be tolerant, but if we emanate love, our mission will be truly our reward, This is the next level of being.
what thrilling times we are living in today, what much that we have seen and experienced, I feel a shift coming, people are waking up every day to truth, We are starting to realize that there are no middle grounds, none but 2 paths remain; the decision is ours to take, we all have free will, may we be free….
Peace & Love Family