I’m coming Back: from a dream to reality!

Peace Family.

I Hope y’all had a good weekend.
On this message we are continuing the short stories behind the music on the RuAch album, We Began these stories with the song River Nun, then “Out of the Mire”, This time lets talk abit about the featured track titled “I’m coming back”. I always say when one receives inspiration one has to be quick to act upon it to capture the idea before it disappears, Well this track has to be one of the best example’s of this.

Before adding this song I thought the album was complete, We recorded 24 tracks for the album of which I whittled down to 12 to make the album, & I had already planned to send the album master off on a Monday morning to be published, Little did I know a new song would rise only the previous day to this, I remember waking up from a dream at 5am on a Sunday morning, the day before I needed to send all the material off.

I had a dream that I was a soldier somewhere in the middle of a war zone close to a beach, But I was appointed in charge of rescuing the injured & bringing them to safety, So I would go to the sea shores & carry those injured individuals back to our camp where the soldiers can be looked after & nursed, As I was rescuing the injured all I was thinking of was a woman I loved & longed to be with again back at home, chances of survival were very slim but in the dream I had faith that I would see her again.

The determination was there not to be killed by crossfire while I am exposed carrying the injured to safety, But when I knew everyone I rescued was safe the dream took a sudden turn, & I found myself in a new place that seamed like a 1960s New Orleans, & I had a feeling of joy & happiness in that I survived a war & finally I could go & see my love again, On my way home to where I apparently lived in the dream I stumbled into a building, When I entered it this turned out to be an empty ballroom, But I could hear music playing, & it sounded like what one might define as “Free Jazz Music”.

I then awoke from my dream, The music in the dream kept playing while I was conscious, & I remembered there were certain different styles of music playing throughout the dream, Very rarely do I get to remember dreams as accurately as this one, but that dream was more like a Movie of which I dint only remember the picture but I remembered the soundtracks on each part of the dream.

Right then I knew this dream had to be included on the RuAch album.

That morning I contacted Carmine Manfredi our sax player & told him the dream, & asked him if he could help me with a very much-needed Sax piece on the “free jazz section” of the track.

That morning I went to our studio which we call “The Cave”, I played & recorded all the Drum parts, Bass, Guitars, & Vocals, Then Carmine came into the Cave from his job, it’s now 11pm, & he began to work on that section of the music until we were happy with it, I came back early the following Monday, mixed & mastered the track, Cut a new master disk & shipped the music off for publishing before midday that following Monday.

Today being a Monday I reminisced on that experience & thought I would share this message with you the family.

Sometimes we are slow to act & move with every ounce of inspiration we receive, I say move with your spirit to see your dreams accurately manifest into a physical existence.

So now I am wishing everyone who read this an inspirational & productive week.

Peace & blessings family



Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 49 “Song of Dreams”


“Song of dreams”

I see my life,

a stone being chipped,

the world made me rough,

but my edge is sharp,

the dreams I had, have all come true,

But I dream a new,

to reach out to you,


Dream, make your dreams manifest,

Spring something new,

 that is why we are here,

Second Part 

ego people,

can break your heart,

but I remain humble,

and run them down,

love takes courage,

love needs silence,

silence springs dreams

so that you can sour,


Dream, make your dreams manifest,

Spring something new,

 that is why we are here,


Third part

so have no fear,

for dreams are really there to help you,

watch, look, and see, and pay attention,

for every silent symbol there is a reason,

there is always a becoming,

so witness what is beneath your eye’s,

Forth part


not for money for that is a nightmare,


that you are a king or a queen pick up your crown,


how to inspire peace and harmony,


a better way to communicate,


How to stop the [tell lie vision],


methods of how to stop all wars,


Dream, make your dreams manifest,

Spring something new,

 that is why we are here,


Vonj copyright 2014

these expressions came through my HEART. I have written these pieces to fit in withinA musical format. What you read here has already been Musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messagesFAMILY.LOVE;Vonj.


Dignified Fridays presents – Song of Dreams

Greetings people, I send blessings to each and everyone of you in the blog world: I wish you all to keep expressing yourselves, let us take advantage of these mediums and put that positive energy out there,…this world? it truly hurts..but it is not too late to make our dreams manifest.
Enjoy this acoustic mix, Song of dreams
Love & Unity