Renaissance Challenge! Starting in 7.7.16


We have all heard of the Ice bucket challenge & other similar challenges that have been hyped by the media, I thought about a challenge which won’t go down as popular but will be life changing to those who attempt it. This summer, Seven, Seven, Sixteen I will be within a few forums online with “The Renaissance challenge”, The plan is to inspire people to be economically independent.

We all have great ideas which some of us have been made shy by society to talk about,  Well from July the 7th 2016 we are going to start working on our life time vision, This may take a year to plan out, but at the end of that year we may find ourselves in a place where we are able to begin our own business’s with a fool-proof strategy!. Most of us have thought of what we would like to see ourselves doing in life,  But “writing about it” is the next best thing, We don’t necessarily have to show our plans publicly, but we should at least be talking about it within our households, whether you want to start your hair dressing business, film production, record label. I will be here through the forums to motivate people through their situations.
The reason I am telling you about this now & beginning this Challenge in the SUMMER is because I know most people won’t wake up tomorrow and start on their plan, Time is needed to let this thought marinate. Also I feel that summer time is when people are more open to the flow of inspiration, we are out doors in the sun, we are in festivals, we tend to be socializing more, so naturally our bodies would be better adjusted to work on R.L.M. “Real Life Matters”.

Anyway family, I hope you continue well & strong within your week & still smiling!.

Other updates coming soon.



Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 47 “Song of Thought”

listening is learning

whisper whisper,

where’s the wisdom,

can you perceive with your mind,

different colours, different sounds,

some place where people can travel,

through the speed of thought,

a destination where we don’t have to breath to live,

but we live in harmony,


Broaden your mind,

listening is learning learning is living in love,


how long will we continue to live against our essence,

we are built innately to know the truth,

but you pick fear?,

But fear is the opposite of love!,

fear paralyses feeling ,

so listen to the silent one,

for the propaganda is loud,

how long will you hold your breath?,


Broaden your mind,

listening is learning learning is living in love,


tell all the people not run,

tell all the people not to hide,

tell all the people not to fall,

tell all the people to be strong,

tell all the people to rise as one,

rise as one, RISE AS ONE,


Broaden your mind,

listening is learning, learning is living for love,

Vonj Copyright 2014

these expressions came through my HEART. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been Musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messagesFAMILY.LOVE;Vonj.