Ruach News: Take heart! 29/07/16


Love & Unity people, I hope we have all had a positive & progressive week, This has been one of those inspiring yet heavy weeks for me personally, I recently learned that my great family friend, brother Julius Mutunga passed away this week. This came too sudden for the family, As this guy was a sent angel to us, This is one of those people of whom very few if not none could walk in his shoes. One strong individual!, Just like my father was, whom also has transcended. I remember me & Julius always talked about recording an album together, But the opportunity never came to pass. So I suppose we will Jam Again, But in another realm of existence, the higher entities. We love Julius, Rest in Power brother!, (on the picture Julius is on the electric guitar, & that’s Lil Vonj smiling on the bass)

My experiences in life have been extreme, especially for someone still in his 20s, we have witnessed & experienced the very WORST & the very BEST of the things in life, But this means nothing If one is not learning from experience, & through this  we come to understand our purpose in life, There are reasons why we are exposed to certain experiences. For me I realize that In actual fact I am in a privileged state, Because now I am able to share my experiences to others, providing comfort, motivation,  &  elevation to the people who are going through certain situations.

I try to use music as my MAIN vehicle to disseminate resolutions to people, I always have, & I will always will.

So with Spirit we remain working against the grain 24/7 Literally, because we also note down our dreams, “one of the greatest key parts in our life experience”.

Take heart people!.

The album Ruach is out on 261 stores online, You can’t miss it!.
I-Tunes being the most popular choice for downloads, Here is a special link to the 3 singles we released.

Physical copies can be ordered directly through

I also learned that a few tracks are already in rotation on certain obscure radio stations!, so keep an ear out! As we are officially international!.

I will let you know when the new video is out on our channels.

We really thank you all for your support. Keep spreading the word.

Love & Unity from the RUACH family.

Vonj, Carmine, Martin, Mat, Garry.

Have a great weekend family.

A music in the making part II: Practice

Peace people, here we introduce the second part of “A music in the making: sub Titled “Practice”, we make mention of the importance of practicing, many people like to remain in their comfort zone, but in life we should strife to challenge ourselves to become better no matter how much or how little we have to start with. This is why we are here to show and prove to you through music the development stages within this album project, music is all about thorough expression and progression. We hope you enjoy this part, and hopefully what will turn out to be a full documentary.

Peace & love from the family.


Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 28 “MEDIA DIARRHOEA”

These are all expressions that came through my heart. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been   musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love; Vonj.                            

                                                   MEDIA DIARRHOEA.                                                                   

[[Suspense music]]

[[into psychedelic jam + spoken word]] 

First the concept of how music is brought to the public ear does not sound right to me,

seems to me that its all about competition between different acts, Its kind of like boxing were they can only be one number In one particular division, divisions in this case being  “genres”, of which I guess “Pop” is the “heavyweight division”.

And so what does the industry require for me to get any attention?. Is it the use of catchy hooks?….I would rather kick them in the nuts and make a hit my own way.

within society we see the “celebrities” come and go, and yes I know some of them meant something, but maybe there’s other reasons why those of whom “meant something” got taken out earlier than their time, over and over again it seems more evident that someone doesn’t like the idea of anyone having any conscious influence on people.

since the dawn of business there has been a venom that has continued to corrupt integral movements, exposing than exploiting people all in the name of “money”,

business vultures have been busy sending waves of misconception, feeding the weak, and positioning the strong toward less popular  mediums… Television being the legal drug we are all international exposed to from a very young age of which we eventually become addicted to…………………………………………………”Eh man where’s the remote control???, where is it man???? my favorite “high” I mean… “program” is just about to start!!!!!, did you hide the remote control from me????? I need my feed!!”………………………………………………………….

So if you turned on the news, is there corruption in Uganda? Or is it all propaganda?, media theater, the fear agenda, blame some other gender, cant you see how they “channel” into your mind?

and so everyday we see new faces positioned in this cardinal conveyor belt “Tell Lie Vision”, Say; who won the grammys? is this music? or a game between pimps and prostitutes? How do I know this? Because according to the industry, the longevity of an individual relies all in “Image” dot dot dot “video’s!”.

What happens to be the number one fastest selling video’s? Ummm..The kind of type with “ASS” in……………………. “Don’t worry about the music baby…Just take this auto tune and show me some ass and tits and we are gonna get us some hits!……………………………..

[[Changing musical mode back to suspense]]

so where there is no art?, I choose to stay out!, let the music and this message  speak, without your soul? fame and fortune ain’t worth sh!t!. parlevu france. Love.

[[followed by Instrumental Jazz progression]]

Vonj Copyright 2012

Segments of a composition

Harmony family, I thought I would share this video with you, this shows another dimension on the process of composition; straight out Jamming!. For the new comers, This is a continuation of behind the scene’s footage on the future album; there is a lot of work yet to put in…I am hoping when this is all done with I can come and play a show in a city near you.

Peace & love