Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 9 “Third Person Domicile”

These are all expressions that came through my heart. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love; Vonj.

Third Person Domicile

Fighter why don’t you tell me this,

Do you fight for the world or for your soul?,

Hunger will always be unsatisfied,

For those who look for happiness in silver and gold,

We find our place in many lands,

Loose our minds to the wrong hand,

With the wrath around that ridged corner,

And in existent middle what will you honour?,


In this place I fight for you,

In this place I cry for you,

Nothing can make me fail,

 Serpents and lions won’t make me turn away,

In this place I give my life for you,


bewilderment is amplified,

to the defence of a militant,

Seasons come seasons and seasons go,

The question is do we have control,

Only growth will reveal rectitude, 

To impede what justifies an end to men,

Don’t forget the lesson left in Jerusalem,    

Third Part Into Concluding Mantra

Place, House, Land, Change, X2

In this place decadence, in this house violence in this land of pretence, fight for right,

In this place of punishment in this house of argument, in this land of detriment.. fight for right

Place, House, Land Change, X2

Copyright 2009


Dignified Fridays – “Pumpion life day”- with the Song of life

Yet again family, We arrive upon this moment of which was not guaranteed to us, the paramount reason may be in that we value our health, This said, The Pumpkin: a good food substance to add upon to your diet on most days of the year, feel free to research this at your own leisure, I call this the ‘Pump your own’ life day, speak it fast. now let us find a reason to celebrate something every day, so be creative, stay meek and healthy family, hope you enjoy the music, Song of life



Do NOT keep your creativity to yourself!

Do NOT keep your creativity to yourself!

I believe that It is time for us to share creativity to each other, Did you know that all of us have a creative gift? though most of us are afraid to tap into this, Society today is making it difficult for us to tap into creativity, and for those who are already aware of their creative potential don’t know how to share it to others.

Creativity is something that is meant to be shared, there are too many individuals out there wondering why life is not good to them, well one of the reasons may be that you are aware of your gift and your not sharing it.

When you look at your past experiences you should be able to see patterns in your life..

Here is a little secret, why do you think people tend to be most generous with their creativity after a term of suffering? bad experiences are there to shock your mind into where you should be, and every so often we need bad experiences to reboot us back into the straight and narrow, sometimes we are so caught up in life’s destructions in that we loose focus of our vision and the whole meaning of our existence…but maybe…just maybe if we remained in the driving seat we would never have needed to go through misfortune, and personally the hardest points in my life were just after periods where I had been selfish within my creativity, or fell short of my creative potential, I then needed a reality check to put me back into where I should be.

When I say share your creativity this could mean something as simple as taking the initiative to call a friend just to talk or get your friend out for lunch as a treat, setting the opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face, Now if you can aspire to share your creativity to more than one individual in a larger way by tapping into your gift then you will receive rewards within your life and you will feel fulfilled, in other words be the best person you can be, and never fall short of your creative potential, after all I know that life is not about what you got its about what you can give.

Time should be looked at as a positive benefactor within ones creativity, The older one becomes the wiser one “should” be, as time gives you the privilege of looking in hind site to assess past experiences, the good and the bad, making it easier to be able to help others move forward richer in knowledge. don’t let time run out on you while you are able to elevate others with your creativity.


Love & Unity