Time to go live – 2022

Peace people,

I hope everyone has been doing positively well through life?

My posting on all my platforms has not been frequent, However I have been working real hard on what I call my ‘foundation years’, already established my philosophy a while ago, Since then my journey has been all about putting my thoughts into practice. I take each day as a learning experience, whatever I did yesterday I make a duty to improve on it today, whether it being my interactions with family & friends, my craft within music, dealings in business etc, but more on this on another post..

The time has finally come to begin to start doing shows!, As some of you know the last time I performed was December 2019, I had Gigs booked all through out the summer of 2020, But all that got wiped off, ‘we all know & felt what happened’, Now this could have broken me down, someone like me who has a great passion for music & live performance, But through those hard months I put my energy into building my studio, ‘Cave music studios’ in Bath, I can tell you my biggest reward has been seeing musicians come in the studio to rehearse & record & leaving the space with smiles on their faces, This has kept me grounded, & I remain really grateful to everyone who has supported me & the studio thus far.

With regards to the band members, Just like some of you it has not been easy through the pandemic, but somehow even through these 2 years we have managed to stick together, Only addition to the group since 2019 is Alex Alderson on Keyboards, who has brought a good balance to the overall sound, I refer you to the vonjlive.com to read more about him.

We are looking forward to start playing live as a group, Currently Scheduled to headline a few events starting close to home..

Beginning on…

May 20th @Komedia ‘electric bar’ Bath

June 3rd @The Exchange – Bristol

July 2nd @St James wine vaults – Bath

August 5th @Bell back bar – Bath

September 17th @Zed alley – Bristol

To book the band please contact me on..


Time has been over due for some live music! Hope to see you guy’s in these venues, Will be posting details for each event soon.

Otherwise I wish everyone a positively progressive day.

Peace & Blessings.





Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 40 “Soul Prism”


“Soul Prism”


Your spirit is monumental,

Your strength is eternal,

 The gift is individual,

 First part 

Yes I live!,

I don’t sleep!,

I achieve!,


Add formation,

To devotion,

Stay conditioned,


Yes I feel!,

And I see!,

I receive!,


Lets encounter,

The 9th wonder,

The highest power!


Devolution (x3),

Has been going for too long,

Evolution, elevation revolution, Is coming now!.

Are you ready?

I am ready?

Are You ready?

I am ready.

Second part

If you are none the wiser,

you will stagger,

die a beggar,


Stop the waiting,

Start creating,

Soul elating,


Did you read,

Are you at speed,

to divine degree,

Be electric,

Be collective,

Get respected,


Devolution (x3),

Has been going for too long,

Evolution, elevation, revolution..Is coming now!.

Are you ready?

I am ready?

Are You ready?

I am ready.


Your spirit is monumental,

Your strength is eternal,

 The gift is individual,

Vonj copyright 2015

these expressions came through my HEART. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been Musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love;Vonj