Since I was a young child I was taught to walk the straight and narrow path…

In my walks of life I opened my eyes and seen that the more you think you’ve learned within your experiences the more your experiences seem to broaden and intensify in your life. In other words with a free mind you can never stop learning.

Through life I have learned to deal with many situations, the challenge being to turn every situation into something positive, Sometimes we are unable to face reality, and so in my experience I have learned that the most effective way to deal with new experiences whether it be positive or negative is through an artistic implement, most profoundly through the creation of music.

So I consciously started my musical journey at the age of 12, never set a foot into a music school I instead spent many hours in my bedroom each day teaching myself the bass, crafting my own style in the strife to be the best bass player i can be, I then decided to play bass for a few groups and explore the scenes working with different musicians, in situations where I struggled musically I quickly learned to adopt and always overcome any presented hardships, and through this I received a wealth of experience. I see these past experiences as being stepping stones to where I am now. The time came for me to graduate from playing behind other groups and step up to my vision for I knew I had a message to put forth to the people and a mission to elevate people through either means of enjoyment, inspiration, and knowledge.

In life I have studied music not necessarily in a theoretical sense but more through a psychological and spiritual aspect,

I look within my musical tastes and question myself to why I like or dislike certain sounds.

I look at these paired words such as “musical influence” and I contemplate…does listening to music influence musicians within their craft in a creative way, bringing out something new out of one’s self? Or does being musically influenced by another artists music inhibit one from uncovering what is really new within themselves?, I also look at how we perceive music…Does our perception of music grounded upon how we are raised? the culture or religion we were based on, Is the seeking of musical inspiration have something to do with the current environment around us? Or is having a good imagination the key to the unique and great?, well…………………….in a nutshell what I know is that musicians must remain open minded, you cannot call yourself a musician if you are numb in heart and spirit, one can enable themselves to listen to all the compositions already created, or just listen to the birds singing, the whole idea is to be yourself, and whatever we see hear and experience we should learn, if you look inside yourself you will create “your own music”.

When a musician comes to a point where he thinks he knows it all than this will surely be a musicians descend.  ego can easily come into play for the sake of either one’s abundance of technical ability, abundance in financial status, or just one being plain ignorant, in this mental state “music will not come out!” instead what comes out will either be something that has already been created before, something plastic, or nothing at all!. Humility is the key to elevation and musical inspiration,

 if you want to sound like yourself you must “be yourself”.

Many in this world have different callings in life, and I feel privileged that I have been given the correct guidance to know what I am here on earth to do. When my spirit is high I celebrate through music, when I feel low I uplift myself through music, Though one thing is for sure, I don’t use music to escape from reality, I use music to face reality head on!. I am a composer as much as I am a performer, and my mission is to heal other’s the same way I heal myself through music. regardless I will always put my heart first over everything else in life. What I hear within I act upon at an instant, for it is true that the heart never lies!…let the music rain down and flow like a river to your heart.



I started writing messages out of struggle

I was more than happy sticking to instrumental music and evolving deeper into this direction but I felt that there was not an individual in and out of music currently conveying the type of message I needed to hear,  So by conviction I started to sing I dint care about my voice because to me there was something more important to me than harmony and technical vocal ability, “The message”.

I use my writings to weave in and out of the music, one of the reasons I write is because as much as I view music as being the greatest form of communication, I also cannot ignore that most people in this day and age need to hear the truth through words” in order to heal. You see I look at the world and I see suffering in the duality of the physical and the mental, so I heal these Pains through the medium of “Music and Words of Truth”..LOVE

One must be careful as spoken words can be misleading, and not only in a sense of languages or semantics but for example, Poetry can sometimes deceive because as pretty as it may sound this can sometimes make the listener come up with a thousand translations as to what the writer meant, and I never want people to be left in states of confusion with any of my written works, So I make sure that what I put on paper for the majority is written and communicated in a concrete form, however not all that I write may sound simple, there’s exceptions where some written works require higher thinking, for those who receive higher thinking will come to higher understanding thus leading them to right knowledge, but even in what some may term as complexities within some of my written works I still form each message in a way that even if one is not inept in understanding every little detail the general message or idea will be understood at an instant, if you have a spirit you will understand all my works.

I hope I never have to sing or speak forever, if I would be to map up my journey in life it would be to return where I first began and get back to dealing purely with music, but I feel I must mix the two entities until the people I want to reach return to a better state of mind. unlike music writing is a calling of which came to me latter in life, I first put heart to ink when I was 21. and It seems that this journey wont end any time soon.

what do I write about? Love!, and Unity!, really this is all I focus on..this is simply where I want to bring people, the message can be delivered through shades of comedy or straight up in your face seriousness, Just because I talk about L.U. does not mean that all my messages sound kind and clean, sometimes I will have to slap some people upside the head with my pen to get a point across, believing that one has to be gentle all the time if you are in love is a myth!..especially in the world we are living in, most people don’t want to hear reality, so reality is just what they will receive from me. Slap!..I still love you..Slap!

I never wanted to step to the mic before but now that I have a message there’s no turning back!.

You are watching a vision that I have taken all the responsibility of carrying on until what I fight for will come to pass..then after words?..Music!


196 thoughts on “MY CALLING

  1. carlisdm

    I read your music questions about if listening to music influences musicians within their craft instead of letting them uncover what is really new within themselves… and I found that writers also face the same analogy. We read a lot in order to improve our craft, and we´re influenced by many writers of course, but a true writer has a voice within him/her, so we shouldn´t be worried about not uncovering and letting our own true stories come to life.
    I think it works very similar with music, you can listen to music, be influenced by them but when the time comes when you´re creating your own stuff, you will see that the music that comes from your soul, will be unique …
    Thank for following my blog!

    1. The privilege is mine. A brilliant and beautiful conjecture..made me smile I tell ya, let us view this on a sightly different angle, with your permission may I pose a question to you? it comes, The more we read (the writer) the more we listen (the musician) do we all go blind? or know more? Vonj

  2. naamlozevink

    I am speechless by the way you not only grasp this essence, but mainly by the way you can explain it with so much clarity and simplicity to the world that’s in need for this.
    You truly are blessed… and i am only thankful you answered to your calling! Cause you are one, very able to translate this wisdom into words (and music, which i did not came to listen to yet).

    I feel the same about music, life and language…

    My path came with other challenges first before i could tap into this wisdom..
    i’m staying open and am finding my way…
    Thank you!!

    Love, Ann

    1. naamlozevink

      I do feel that how one perceives language that is less clear and metaphorical, one could learn more about, for instance, hidden or surpressed aspects of ones psyche and subconcious…

    2. Hey there, I thank you for sharing your spirit with me my friend, I remain humble, and this is in fact the way to enlightenment. many people are good learners but then stumble upon the rock of arrogance, of which attracts all forces of corruption, leading to a downfall of a sum. even though I am not sympathetics to the English language in my thought process, I hope to reach to those like you who can supersede language through and within mental faculties.(feeling) life is so simple but people complicate it. Most most of my music is not online (purposefully) but through me you can acquire physical copies. Peace

  3. marieboyumyoga

    Thank you for following my blog. Seems we have a common interest to spread happiness throughout the planet. I love music and it is such an intrigue part of my yoga classes. Blessing and abundance to you and all you do!

    1. Blessings, Yoga, a beautiful art, and like music, it is quintessentially therapeutic. I created the new album V.N.A. to tap into our D.N.A., This will be available online soon. (physical copies available to mail order) may you prosper within your art my friend. feel free to ask any questions on this space.peace

  4. First of all I wish to thank you for following my blog and look forward to some interesting exchanges in he future. I admire your dedication to your music and, to be honest, envy your artistic talents. It reminds me of my fifteen year old grandson who is exploring his own music and aligning it with his own life experiences. He is only fifteen but, perhaps through rose tinted glasses, I see a talent in him. I wish you good fortune and the blessings of God in all your endeavors.

    1. I thank you there Jim, your grandson sounds like a gifted individual, keep encouraging him in his talents, I was one of the lucky one’s when I was a teen, I received the motivation I needed to excel in my craft, then I grew up and realized the reality of the music industry, this is a hurdle indeed especially if you want to be yourself, This is why I strife and dedicate my life to create an alternative industry where talents such as your grandson can make strides. Blessings to you and yours friend. Peace

  5. Its so awesome to see an artist with a vision and a message! Thank you for your follow on my blog. You are the kind of person I am trying to reach. You’re an awesome leader and I hope your vision encourages other musicians to be their true self and speak up for things that cannot speak in this world. Whether it is a person, animal, or the environment. Thank you for being you and doing what you do!

    1. I hear & thank you on a conscious level indeed, be yourself, I battle for the hearts of our people, from birth we are automatically misguided against ourselves, we quickly miss the root toward our fulfillment..We are no longer in the family circle, and about to realize that Institutions are not the answer…where next? the heart. Love

      1. I agree with you whole-heartedly and what I work towards as well! I’m glad we are crossing paths and can support each other in spirit! Stay well friend and keep singing from your heart. Your music is great!

    My thanks for following my blog ‘Avenues’, I too am following yours with immediate effect.

  7. Thanks for your follow. Dropped in to check out your “world” and liked
    what I saw (will follow too). My mediums are words and imagery. I’d love to be able to write/play music as I feel it feeds the soul, but I can’t have everything. Power to musicians though, it’s great you want to use it for good, it’s a wonderful tool.

  8. Thanks for following me 😀
    You’re right about the power of words. While music can calm a troubled mind or soothe a broken heart, the right words have the power to fix them all.

  9. Hello- and thank you for following- I’ll be checking out your music- good luck in the studio! (and stay away from the internet- a creative time-suck!).
    Best- Valerie

  10. It’s a great feeling when you know what you are passionate about, and then actually doing something with it. You have a great way with words. Music was created to move the mind, soul, and the body all at once. Writers have a muse. Music is my muse. As a writer, I get inspiration for my plots from the music I listen to. The tone and mood are set by the song.

    1. Indeed it is a great feeling, life becomes even more easier when you choose to accept the responsibilities of being aware.. you know?..Hey I feel that you enjoy music, Donny Hathaway is on my record player at this moment…

  11. Very refreshing perspective! You have actually given me a bit of freedom in my writing as well with your comment that we don’t always have to be gentle in our approach. You are absolutely right…sometimes it is necessary to offer up a slap to get someones attention (and at times we need to slap ourselves for our own wake up call). Look forward to your insights.

    1. That is right, be free my friend. There is a time to be gentle and there is a time to be direct, just know your situation. Thank you for showing your love and your unity with the message. stay in touch with the truth.. and free..

  12. Thank you for following “Thoughts, Socks and Jots.” I appreciate your like on my latest post. Stay strong against the storm and keep your vision clear. In other words, just keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll be back. 🙂

  13. It’s a pleasure to meet you through your blog. Communication is indeed an important mission in life, whether it be through writing, music, teaching or any other form of artistic endeavor. Depending on where a person is on his or her path, the message will mean something different…it’s all good. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I look forward to getting to know more about you through your posts.

    1. Indeed my friend, Sharing love through any means necessary is my motto. If we are able to reach people with any elevating vibration or information then the bad will not find any room to linger. You are appreciated for your valuable time here and truthful message. you will always be welcome in this space. Love & Unity

  14. Your words are inspiring and motivational. My father started playing the guitar when he was in his early teens. He is now in his 60’s and continues to write and play music. I believe music has this magical ability to transform us. Never stop making music!

    1. It makes me happy that you feel the positive vibe, Your father sounds like a true legend, for it is surely an innate calling that can make someone continue any craft for such a time period. Music is Magic at its best.. I thank you for your message, feel free to explore this space and express yourself as the content broadens..

    1. Eh Jonny! great to hear from you man, indeed I went through a traumatic time, so much so that I haven’t decided to write about it yet!. I am on the mend, & writing has been an important source for my therapy, not doing any live shows as yet but will be getting out there soon. How’s life on your space?

  15. Doc Arnett

    In love there is courage and in courage there is ministry and in truth, love and ministry become meaningful. Keep slapping others in love, brother!

    1. Thank you brother. got some jewels in the works, as ya know I’m currently locked in the studio for a couple of months while trying to avoid any destruction’s including this thing here called the internet..haha..I can’t wait to unleash the new stuff

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