Living with music

It is easy to perceive that music plays an important role in all our lives, and that it is just as important to the musicians who creates and shares the music as it is to them that hear it (they that dwell outside the creative medium of music). I believe that music is for “everyone” and not just a select few, we all need a dose of music in all our day to day lives. I don’t believe it is possible to find an individual of whom doesn’t find a use or a need for music.

We all use music even though sometimes we are subconsciously unaware, for instance when we are operating in our daily jobs music sometimes helps keep us enthusiastic, enabling us to complete our given tasks with no negative stress feeding on us, when a job becomes tedious or a bore music subconsciously helps take our minds off any of the negative aspects of our tasks.

When we want to go out and enjoy ourselves socially we are likely to go to Clubs, Concert halls, Outdoor concert venues, but wherever we go it is nearly guaranteed they will be a musical attraction appropriately set for a particular venue, even if the venue isn’t centred mainly around the entity of “music” i.e. restaurants, Café’s, clothing shops, they all have appropriately set music playing in the background. Music is even used in our Gyms while we exercise, and in this environment it subconscious makes us motivated keeping our bodies working efficiently easing our minds from the physical strain of a particular exercise.

When we are at home with family and friends or home alone we can choose to listen to music for either inspirational or entertainment purposes, all to the power of satisfying our hearts and minds. Music can also make us reminisce of the important and memorable times in our lives, it can remind us of loved ones. On TV, music is needed in a multitude of ways, on adverts for example a catchy tune can be used to draw our attention to a product or service being promoted. In film music is used to attains our attention; it draws us to all the elements the film is wanting to portray, film music can draw us into notions of suspense, intensity, themes of celebration or mourning, even though we are unaware most of the time, “good film music” should never appear evident to the audience.

To me music is my life, without music I would be another being, deny me now out of music I would die out of suffocation!.

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