Who are you? Vonj – (Peace)

Date of birth? 1986, Gregorian calender

Where do you come from? First and only child of Juniper and Lamech Uzele, born in Kenya, living in the United kingdom.

What do you live for? Love and Unity! Music is where I find I can express,execute, and project these feelings to others. I believe it is my calling in life to be a composer and performer of music. I come from a musical family, my mum and dad were both well respected musicians and used to travel all around the world expressing their music through their sound of gospel! When I was a young boy they used to take me everywhere they toured, you can say I became inclined to the musicians way of living from a very early age.

What are your ambitions for your projects? No ambitions, but real projections to get in front of a mass of people in the name of inspiration and elevation!, these projects are all in the aim of projecting a bit of Positivity to this Negative world we live in.

Do you have any political views? No views, but visions, there is a place for politics somewhere in hell.

What are your religious views? “The Almighty” is not in religion!, but in relationship.. Realize.

What do you hope to fulfill in life? Indeed they are many Musicians who are fulfilled by the achievement of major album sales, many individuals built great structures on earth fulfilling their sense of pride, some have received many awards and accolades for their works and get fulfillment by this, However “ fulfillment” to me is a means to an end!, My reward or award cannot be found!, because I live for tomorrow!, My reward is when I find a new Idea to give to the people!, What I have and how I live no matter how big or small doesn’t matter to me, but what strength I have to give to the future is indeed my ultimate pleasure.

do you have any hobbies? Most of the time you will find me doing something with music whether it be, practicing performing,writing,composing, arranging, rehearsing,recording, listening or studying something!, however I do make time for other things in the day, I am interested in body fitness and conditioning, playing basketball, I’ve also recently found a love for martial arts, I guess the better the condition your body is in the better and longer the mind will operate..

In your spare time what artists do you listen to? Bob Dylan, Jose Feliciano, Mendelssohn, Prince, Hendrix, Bob Marley, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, Quincy Jones, Richie Havens, Peter Gabriel, Youssou N’dour, Lucky Dube, George Clinton, Dionne Warwick, James Brown, John McLaughlin …. and there you have all your alphabets…the list is endless…..

Any closing statements? Open your minds, then your heart, spirits then your souls! In the end of the material? Start to get to Love…. thus you will come to the knowing that “Truth is stranger than fiction” L.U. (Love and Unity)


282 thoughts on “ON ME

  1. Morris

    I came here from watching a couple of your videos on your youtube channels, I am hooked!! love what your doing! any new videos planned? Morris

  2. Thank you for spreading positivity.

    I saw your raw video about the album. Enjoyed every single minute of it. Cole idea. Perhaps copy it when a friend comes here next month to create new music here in Thailand. Good luck with the tour and album …

    1. Peace & blessings there, I am happy you enjoyed the raw video, feel free to share the finished record with your friends in Thailand, We are on all the main platforms online, Would be great one day to play live in Thailand. Vonj

  3. Thank you Vonj, for following Freedomborn, I look forward to sharing with you on our Blogs, I’m not gifted Musically like you are but I love good Music that touches the heart giving Joy and encouragement that uplifts our spirits and of course this includes Worship Music too.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne

    1. Greetings Anne, A pleasure indeed, I thank you there as your words were inspirational & give me the motivation to follow through within my calling. All the best to you & your works in the near future. feel free to share your thoughts in at any moment, Love & Unity. Vonj

  4. obsfo21

    Hi Vonj, Welcome as a new subscriber to my postings. One of a small cadre of readers. You will find that many of them are unusally disinteresting to mankind in general, but contain a message that is timeless. This world tends to be more interested in fact based info. – which is certainly not timeless and more often than not – incomplete.

    You have some interesting posts of your own – will check-in for updates



    1. Peace & Harmony John, We see a change happening in real time, People are starting to be aware of certain FACT’S that have remained hidden to the masses. We live in an age of awakening, Make sure you put your truth to work. Stay tuned John, will keep an eye on your blog channel. stay writing my friend. Vonj

  5. kkoterwski

    Fascinating blog and perspective!

    You are a current and valued follower of the Human Ponderings Blog, because of this I want to inform you of some changes happening to the blog…

    The Human Ponderings blog has a new home- http://www.humanponderings.com WordPress has served me so well and I am so grateful for the friends, followers, and interactions I have gained there- however by making Human Ponderings into it’s own site I have much more control and access over the blog which will allow Human Ponderings to (hopefully) grow in wonderful new directions!

    Thank you for your time!
    As a fellow blogger I would appreciate it if you could take a brief moment to explore the new website (still under construction but mostly done and open for public viewing) and perhaps provide some feedback!

  6. Princess Marksalot

    Vonj, I am going to just tell you, I am going to steal these questions & answer them on my blog too! I might even steal the title! They are #Priceless. Thank you!

  7. Vonj
    🙂 Happiness and love from India!
    I enjoyed reading and relating to your insights. It’s a pleasure to come across another musician online..I mean,I found one from US and now you.i am not much of a reader but would pop in once a while! Keep up the positive vibrations.

  8. Hi there,

    Thanks a lot for following my blog Mister Vonj — really appreciate it as have just got off the ground and am so happy in having more “followers” — or maybe not followers but readers!

    Your stuff looks amazing and you have a lot of great content here man. Just taking a gander, it looks like you are really trying to live in truth, or live by your personal truth of Love and Unity.

    There is a spiritual teacher called Ram Dass (formerly Richard Alpert), who tends to speak of Love or the Good as, whatever brings us closer together; and the negative as, whatever increases paranoia or separateness. Not necessarily to say that absolute good and evil exist in the universe — but that we can distinguish between unity and fragmentation, between love and paranoia — and that is not a bad guide to our feelings in the human dimension…

    Your references to Love and Unity and your other points reminded me of that.

    God Bless and good luck on your journey.

    1. Greetings there, I welcome you. the pleasure is mine, indeed “readers” is a more noble and accurate term hehe, they will continue to increase, and this is inpiring when you watch the growth, so all the greatest happenings unto your path. Ram Dass.. intriguing, I am not familiar but I shall certainly schedule him in on my never ending Que of research. I try to lead as an example in what I do, this is not easy, but I see too many people talking the talk and “brilliant at it”, but cannot even step on the grounds let alone walk on what they say. so I try to walk and talk & do the best I can to help people along the way. I thank you for your blessings & your valuable time spent here. together may we use these mediums to enlight & enrich the people. Harmony

  9. Hi Vonj,

    Thanks very much for the blog follow! Looking forward to checking out your blog. Part of my family is extremely musical but me, haha the musical gene skipped me 🙂 I love music anyway!


      1. I’ll leave the cello for the professionals, lol – I love listening to it, though! hmmm growing up I focused my energies on sports, reading, and writing. didn’t leave much time for learning instruments!

  10. What a wonderful experience you must have had growing up with touring with your parents! May music and love continue to unfold in your heart, mind and spirit, carrying you to your deepest form of contribution.

    1. I thank you Katelon for running through, Yes indeed, I was privileged, I became responsible to the facts. memory is a powerful thing, and thanks to people like you I shall continue expressing music through the name of peace & harmony..Vonj

  11. Thank you for subscribing to my blog! Here you’ll find more than 3500 pictures from Norway and Norwegian nature – mostly ‘full screen’ – and more pictures will be posted regularly! Please enjoy!

  12. Vonj, Thank you for your follow. You have a truly inspirational take on life. So much of what you write resonates with me. I look forward to following your journey .

    1. Greetings Karen, I am sure all is well at your end; I am living a simple life, Yes indeed, as I see values in learning through family, friends and nature, No value in $$$ you know?, thanks for stopping by on these cyber realms hehe. Love .Vonj

  13. Greetings and ahoy! Thank you for the follow. Noting that you listen to Dylan and think politics have a place reserved in hell is awe-inspiring. >:D

    I hope to keep you entertained with my end. I have about the music ability of a mosquito in the middle of the night. BUT I have words that want to come out and tell a story. Some horror, some romance, some adventure with heros and swashbucklers. Some with lost children fighting to go home after the government (rather an agent in the name of) takes whole families apart to address a problem. (Although that book is now on Amazon’s Kindle store)

  14. dale harkness

    I had a good laugh and agree completely with your quote “No views, but visions, there is a place for politics somewhere in hell.” Well said indeed! 🙂

  15. Vonj, I appreciate the love you showed me on my blog. A fellow musician, inspirator and deep thinker of all things spiritual, I feel a kinship with you. I concur with “ninamishkin” that you are an extroidinary young man and I will pray that you continue to touch people’s minds and souls.

  16. I love your style and message! I’m a Hendrix fan and instantly connected to your music through hearing his influence in your recordings. That said, your message certainly inspires and elevates much more than his music ever did for me. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to experiencing more of your creations. It must be truly amazing to be filled with these inspirations as your calling, music and beautiful words to elevate the people! God Bless!

    1. Hey there, I appreciate you and your message, I try to spring forth something new and honest you know, as I believe these to be crucial times we live in, time to re-tune our piano’s and guitars hehe.I shall be working on a musical movement from the second of November this year, a low down on it shall be unveiled soon, feel free to express your thoughts here at any moment, Almighty be with you. Vonj

  17. jacques derrida

    Nice presentation! I like that you mention Bob Dylan at the top of your spare time listening list:-) He’s my favorite too. He just got me inspired to listen to Buddy Holly. I’ll check out your music! Thanks for following my blog. I have kind of a dream of playing guitar and sing like Dylan, maybe you’ll watch me on youtube sooner or later:-) But mostly I just write, some of it is on my pseudonym blog.


    1. Love is supreme, Keep writing my friend, we need to over Shadow what is going on with something positive, and when I say positive I talk about Truth’s, This is how Bob Dylan made a name for himself, he told it straight and did not sugarcoat his words….no one can replace him but there is more happening now and a greater potential for a new revolutionary to spring forth… keep doing your thing my friend, hit me up when you elevate with material my friend..you are always welcome///Love

      1. jacques derrida

        Thank you! You are one of the really inspiring people I’ve met in the blogosphere. That’s true with Dylan, as with Lennon, King and Buddy Holly, or the people who “are crazy enough to think they can change the world who does it”. I’ve listened to some of your music on Soundcloud and like it! Keep on doing your thing my friend, and you are also allways welcome to my blog. Sincerely Olav

  18. mira65

    Thanks for the follow. It seems that you are really into music. Its great to know that you have found your calling. Great post. All the best for everything you want to achieve.

  19. Thank you so much, Vonj, for following my blog. I am myself the child of a musician and music has always been part of my life. You are an extraordinary young man, both in your thoughts and feelings and in your accomplishments. I wish you a fulfilling journey.

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