Vonj – Ruach 2016

Ruach front cover

Ruach front cover                                                              Vonj Ruach Rear inlay

                                                              Vonj – V.N.A. 2015



 Vonj – “I.N.T.E.G.R.A.T.I.O.N.” written 2013 released 2014



 “Vonj” 2012

I Vonj album

Featuring Tracks

1. Dawn Awakening 0:00 2. Free Dome 5:32 3. The Vine 8:56 4. Satyagraha 11:39 5. Real Condition 13:15 6. Media Diarrhoea 18:35 7. Quarter of a Century 23:53 8. F.U.N.K.Y.F.U.N 26:00 9. Ask Questions 31:09 10. A Mothers Love 34:30 11. Light into Dark Matter 37:11 12. Inspiration Elevation 43:16 13. J.A.Z.Z. 46:11 14. The Word 50:36 15. Maisha 57:06 16. Declaration Day 1:01:01 17. Mentalinstru 1:03:03 18. Give It all 1:11:09 19. Then We Will Rise 1:16:28


“D.M.D.” 2011


32 thoughts on “Albums

  1. Morris

    Hi Vonj, I heard from you from Youtube, I Had to make sure I get all 3 of your albums!, But where do I buy the very first one?, thanks for the the inspiration. Morris

    1. Thank you very much Morris, Peace to you, I am very humbled that you found all the albums on the market, unfortunately like I said to Lorraine on the feed bellow I no longer publish the first official album, Soon I will put it back out, currently we are looking literally forward as there is so much yet to produce and publish to the people. blessings. Vonj

    1. Hey there Lorraine, Thank you very much for your support, I hope you enjoyed the music, if you downloaded the digital copy please go to to get abit of a deeper insight on the album, and to answer your question, the first album is no longer being published, however I am sure one day I will put it back out there. much love. Vonj

  2. the art on the albums is beautifully fluid and powerful. are you the illustrator for that as well?
    seriously impressive my friend.
    And thank you for swinging by my blog as well

    1. Greetings there, first I appreciate your visit here, thank you. All you have seen or heard here is me in the works, I love art in all its entities, all inspired by the things and the people that surround me, we are moving to another level this year, feel free to express yourself here anytime. Peace and Harmony within your journey in life. Vonj

  3. Ripley

    You work Damn hard Vonj! I HOPE one day you will rip the fruit, we need to support good people with vision like you man, big love R.

    1. Blessings, you sympathies with the tasks I go through to release an album, I do appreciate, even when I am in the depths of pain my pleasure is bestowed through people like you, this keeps me motivated to carry on to the next project. Vonj

  4. Pete Currey

    Great mountain of works Vonj. what an achievement. I heartily look forward to what should be the cap stone of this pyramid!! all the best!! Pete

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