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Ruach front cover

Peace & love to those who were quick to show their support for Ruach, It has been just over 24hours now since the official release & the response on the streets have been overwhelming & very boosting to the mind.

I said a while ago, “Hard work pays when you are on the right lane”, & this has proven to be the case with the results I am receiving.

2016 has been an extremely interesting year, This has been turbulent for many people,  But this is why we are here as writers, our job is to turn all that negativity into something uplifting.

I think the people who hear the music from beginning to end, especially when performed LIVE, Will really feel that positive energy, Because let’s be honest, Look at what your movies & music promote today? Violence & scandal, We have been subjected to the point that the words love & truth make us cringe, We need to change our psychology, because you may find that we don’t know anything about those words until you actually live them.

Further news,  The plan is to have the album on Vinyl as well, however the album is too long to fit on a standard 12″ vinyl with the best sounding  results, But I have plans next month to remodel the vinyl, slightly increasing the size so that we can have all the tracks on there for the people.

Will keep you all updated

Meantime feel free to subscribe & sign yourselves on to the mailing list on

Keep your Ruach alive.

Love & Unity


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