A music in the making part III: Jam Row

Love & Unity people. Here we see the 3rd part of A musical journey. Another step towards establishing an album project independently. The one thing we want to show in these videos is the passion and love we have for our craft.

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Peace and blessings people as we get through these videos sequentially




16 thoughts on “A music in the making part III: Jam Row

  1. Remi

    Your youtube brought me here and I think you are on fire, let me know if you received my massage. could we do something together?, as you say Harmony Remi

  2. I know this is totally silly, but I love the irony of the drummer’s shirt as he delivers a great beat. On a more serious note, love that you are sharing the process. There is a poetic beauty to the process of art that many people don’t see or understand, you are giving people a glimpse of that. Keep up the good work.

    1. I thank you there for your understanding and reasoning, Ha-ha never silly. We love Martin Donovan not only for his drum skills but his T’shirts which represent his free spirit and humble character, Feel free to send your thoughts through any time. blessings. Vonj

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