Vonj – Words of songs Chapter 44 “Song of life”


Opening statement in song

continuing from where I left off a while ago, a lot has happened since, and as I continue to grow in awarenesses I make sure that I take all my experiences with me, learn from them, package them up, send them to you, so that you can be  ahead of time and avoid the negative things in life.

Part 2

sometimes I think about,

the life I have led,

& its not a mystery,

what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,

people will try to kick your head,

while your on the ground,

but when things break through for you,

those same people will try to kiss your ass, I know.

Part 3

The breath of life,

is a gift,

but we don’t stop to think,

our lives fall apart,

little things,

like when you have to miss your bills,

there many destructions in life,

keeping you from yourself,

the law was forgotten,

be fruitful and multiply, you know….


live life, learning and growing

live life, stronger and wiser

live life, yearning to love more

live life, live for another

Part 4

the sun is here,

it never left your heart,

in everyone exists this light,

so shine your light,

living, breathing, giving, loving,

Vonj Copyright 2014

these expressions came through my HEART. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been Musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messagesFAMILY. Love;Vonj.



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