Vonj – Words of Songs Chapter 27 “J.A.Z.Z.”

These are all expressions that came through my heart. I have written these pieces to fit in within a musical format. What you read here has already been musically recorded, I hope you enjoy these messages family. Love; Vonj.


  You don’t know what you mean to me,

Nourishment for the soul within,

freedom that’s rising through sound, 

why do we fight and never make amends,

Jazz through our ears helps us tie loose ends,

when we are in and out of town,

Jazz makes the world go around, round, round, 

Second Part,

The witnesses see the evidence,

the feeling we get from jazz makes  all the sense,

All you got to do is listen,

and love will never be absent,

since the beginning of time we try to express,

our mood within through music,

the darkness the light and the colours between,

Jazz is the rainbow that we can feel, 


got to tell you now,

Jazz is here to stay,

got to tell you now,

j..a..z..z…is..here..to stay,

JAZZ (x4) 


 some make a mistake trying to define Jazz,

people put it in one place and say..

(umm Jazz is 1920’s to 1960s music),

to me jazz means the future,

but the reason you don’t hear the future today is because,

Your environments and your industries put boundaries on colors tones and textures, the reality of instrumental expression has been seen as a threat as it creates “free thought” and “New Ideas”,

so  now It is left up to us (the new generation) to pick up our instruments and show the future for the children yet to come,


Jazz (x4),

Vonj copyright 2012,

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