Twenty Fifteen; The age of awareness

We are at a point now where we are able to gather and disseminate information faster and quicker than ever before, May we take advantage of this and aim to open our minds full circle, making the decision to opt out of this turmoil of allusion. Many are left lost and confounded by the political machines of which convey propaganda through publication and broadcast, we have been ingratiated by the media to exchange our true values for detriment. Balance is what we need, balance is what I personally work towards achieving, may we all be determined, may we all be motivated, may we all be driven towards a quickening state in order for us to realize a positive tangibility within our lives.
From now on it should be exigent for us to study and investigate the things that exist around us, learning and understanding the values of physical and abstract existence. this gives us a good standing for growth as beings. However we will only begin to become even greater beings when we feel the need to share and educate others out of love, Yes sometimes we may need to make sacrifices, Yes sometimes we will need to be tolerant, but if we emanate love, our mission will be truly our reward, This is the next level of being.
what thrilling times we are living in today, what much that we have seen and experienced, I feel a shift coming, people are waking up every day to truth, We are starting to realize that there are no middle grounds, none but 2 paths remain; the decision is ours to take, we all have free will, may we be free….
Peace & Love Family


16 thoughts on “Twenty Fifteen; The age of awareness

  1. Reblogged this on russells revolutionary and commented:
    A very well put argument; love is what we all need to focus on at this point in time. We need to let go of the feelings of hate and intolerance that have been unknowingly fed to us all by those whose interests lie in profiting from our divisions and separation, and embrace the human values that will allow us to grow as individuals and as a collective race of beings. Love, co-operation, tolerance and compassion are the values we should be promoting. I believe we are closer than ever to awakening to these truths, and I don’t think i’m the only one who feels that. Our time is now. The spiritual revolution is coming!

  2. Positve words of hope for the future! We are changing, poeple are awakening seeing the world for what it is, our current world view being distorted. Avoid being drawn in by the mass media, absolutely! 🙂

  3. Patrick...the solar foundation

    Beautifully put Vonj, beautifully put, my first time here, I Wish more people had the guts to step up and act right! hell just for 24 hours, I am with you in the front line though!, thanks for your message. its uplifting to us

  4. The GMLA

    I agree except rather then loving, caring. I believe that love will define more over the next 2 decades. Love also needs to come back from survival mode. With you here for sure. Communism, propaganda, politics, in public anything no matter how you called the majority rules policy terrorized everything in need. Great post. I hope the term Love comes back sooner for all. Becomes more meaningful and individual.

    1. Laughing Dragon

      Gotta say this is a badass post. I feel even better knowing that others feel this way. Its been awkward hearing the opposite from some of my peers. I also truned 25 just a few days ago. Keep this up man, i would love to explore the abstract and the physical with people like you, and otherwise.

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