Dignified Fridays presents – Song of touch

Good evening people, I am greeting you in peace and harmony, and I hope we are still in delectation from the festive period gone by..

This Friday, I thought I would bring you an acoustic tune off the VNA album – Song of Touch, I Hope you enjoy this one as the weekend dawns forth.



17 thoughts on “Dignified Fridays presents – Song of touch

  1. love love love the groove in this song! I also play my tunes acoustically with percussion. It sounds very earthy! Thank you for being the first person to follow my new blog. I’m excited like you about getting out a positive message and vibration to the world. 🙂

    1. Peace and harmony Suzanne. I thank you putting your ear to the music. it makes me happy that you found favour in it and what I do. I would wish to hear your tunes. I am always listening to new music. Vonj

  2. Thank you for sharin’ your capturing track! I think your music fit very well with my visual artworks too (I create on realistic and not manipulated image of decomposed publicity posters, cracks, scratches, industrial and urban tokens). I like to collaborate and create videos with international artists. Vonj, let me know… Thanks and have a nice weekend!

    1. Greetings there Roberto, I am happy you enjoyed Song of touch. likewise I love collaborating with other individuals within the arts. I am interested in viewing your work. do feel free to send me a link to your work. if there any particular songs you would like to use let me know. Harmony. Vonj

      1. Greetings Roberto; I like your work. link me your email address here and I will send you a themed song yet ‘unheard’, mostly instrumental, extremely characterful, and would probably be most suited to what I have seen you doing so far; I am thinking we could use this within a video displaying your art. Harmony. Vonj

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