Dignified Fridays presents – Reel in that Real

This is indeed a new song family, for those who like a jazz type vibe in with a scoop of fusion, this one is for you:
one thing you will discover about me is that we will keep taking you through different schools of sound all in the name of uniting people. So without further to do, “Reel in that real” family..
hope you find enjoyment.



12 thoughts on “Dignified Fridays presents – Reel in that Real

  1. Clament 2

    I break every boundary as I reach for the highest peak– that phrase gat mee, powerful words though out– extraordinary. C

  2. Kim

    On first listen I thought interesting, 2nd 3rd 4th listen was Magic;;;;; love the use of guitar and hint of piano compliment. Brill Vonj

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