A new song for a new sun

To thank everyone for the love they have shown on this space throughout this year; I would like to show my appreciation with a song fresh off the press. This song is called F.U.N.K. A word I made into an acronym – “Forever Uniting New Knowledge”, I do hope the words within this piece manifest, bringing us into a place where our perception is clearer giving us enough reasoning to take action against negativity.
Hope you enjoy, Peace and blessings family….



13 thoughts on “A new song for a new sun

  1. Ramon

    Happy new year VONJ!, This is some good honest music! really!, I wasnt so keen on the genre of funk till i heard Forever Uniting New Knowledge Woww hahaha, call me a fan! xixixi

    1. Peace & Harmony Ramon, I never try to encourage any art to be implemented within style or genre, however the artist has every right to define his or her definition of a piece, like Gil Scott Heron said; if one is creative enough to come up with music one is surely creative enough to define his or her works. Vonj

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