Dignified Fridays presents – Inspiration Elevation

Yes indeed, on another dignified Friday I delight in presenting you with a song titled Inspiration Elevation. Harmony people,
further works are yet to be revealed…

17 thoughts on “Dignified Fridays presents – Inspiration Elevation

  1. Jennifer Uzele

    I remember talking to my son a few years ago when his late father Mr. L. W. Uzele and I began to notice his wonderful gifts and talents in music, and his desire to perform. At the time, we told him: music is not just writing a few songs; buying a big bus; touring.. and getting rich quick. It’s work, work, work – honing and sharpening that gift. And, when you get inspired, taking it to the next level – and then having fun with it. And so, after all, it isn’t work – it is so sweet and joyful – and such a lot of fun! Now I see how my beloved son Uvonji has interpreted this wisdom, and how he demonstrates this in his songs. He, literally, lives his music, and he brings such joy to his friends!
    Uvonji, I am proud of you, my darling – keep shining and touching many a heart.
    Love you Mum

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