Day 10 – A Vision is early in development

The Dawn of something special, Whatever amount of time this vision takes to fulfill, may this project come to a sound completion..for it is all in the name of the people.

Harmony family

7 thoughts on “Day 10 – A Vision is early in development

  1. Yooooooooo Vonj!! That was hardd!!!! Lol. Coming from a man, not afraid of a guitar, but who misunderstands the instrument (as of now). My uncle used to play the Bass and he loves it, but I don’t know if he still plays it or not. I used to play trumpet, but couldn’t hit the high notes, it got stolen and then I played the baritone. My dream instrument is the piano though. Can’t wait until I get proficient at it.

    Man, you’re awesome. I want to invite you to The Neighborhood, you can find here: ; It’s an online Artist Collaborative where writing is a performance art and every post is a show. We incorporate all types of art, including musical performances such as your own in your videos, visual art, written word, etc. Definitely check it out and get back to me if you’re interested. I’m the official intern for The Neighborhood.


    Thanks for liking my post yesterday and following my blog TOWWIOW found here: It’s still a large work in progress, but it’ll get there. I just have to put as much love into it as you put into your music.

    I look forward to hearing back from you! LU (Love and Unity) Peace!

  2. richie stendahl

    Hello Vonj I’m a guitarist here in Sweden, put me down to buy your album when it’s done, this is on another level here keep up the top work. R

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