Dignified Fridays – “Pumpion life day”- with the Song of life

Yet again family, We arrive upon this moment of which was not guaranteed to us, the paramount reason may be in that we value our health, This said, The Pumpkin: a good food substance to add upon to your diet on most days of the year, feel free to research this at your own leisure, I call this the ‘Pump your own’ life day, speak it fast. now let us find a reason to celebrate something every day, so be creative, stay meek and healthy family, hope you enjoy the music, Song of life



17 thoughts on “Dignified Fridays – “Pumpion life day”- with the Song of life

  1. systematic news

    the hell with Halloween, its “Pumpion life day” when healthy folks dress as good as they feel;-) actions speak louder than words, great vibrations vonj!!!!!!!!

  2. Richie

    Thanks for follow Vonj, I must say I was inspired by what you presented to us last night, you are doing good deeds I cannot express enough my thanx looking forward to next Friday love and unity from Scotland

    1. I remain humbled. I am in hope that you enjoy the journey, I start recording later today on my new project, updates will be announced, feel free to keep in the loop and express any thoughts, and I shall try my best to respond as speedily as i can.

  3. Peter MJS

    Death to Halloween!, who wants to celebrate the living dead? either your dead or alive make a damned decision Rolf!!, I roll with you because I choose life, and true that pumpkin is good for you. hope people dont slander you for this message as they spent a whole lotta money on paint and skeletons hahahaha ps This music is deep!!!! blessings to you Vonj

  4. Because I am the type of person who needs her music to be somewhat chaotic I really love this track. Some people don’t like their music to sound like it is everywhere but what is so funny for me I can actually be very productive with this kind of music. Thank you!

  5. Victor Sutek hotep

    Pumpion, The original English word for pumpkin? took me a while but then again you turn this in to form of Ebonics? “Pumpyourown life day? but then again another meaning conjures up? Man I love you brother 0 I speak no further, should i mension what you think of the word beginning with the letter H and ending with N, This is negative? just a question. i am all about peace. Victor

    1. Love & unity Victor, I feel Hotep, Dig your thoughts on this, sometimes you will find parables within my lyrics, however on the messages I try to make them plain, my thoughts on Hollow wine?, you deciphered it. Keep in the loop my friend, the new album has began…more information coming later today..

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