Dignified Friday’s – For the record & your enlightenment

From now on, each Friday until I release my next album I will be going back to my archives and unleashing a free track ONLY to be promoted Via vonjproductions.com

This weekend I begin with a track titled “The word” first put out in 2011 on my album (Dignified methods of disturbance) Re released on the self titled album Vonj…

enjoy people

21 thoughts on “Dignified Friday’s – For the record & your enlightenment

  1. Hi! Thanks for the follow! You’re my 100th 🙂
    I love your blog and your music. Great to see a kindred soul putting positive vibes out there. Looking forward to more.

      1. Thank-you Vonj productions, I did very much enjoy the song, and am looking forward to visiting again soon, for your next installment. Thank-you for the great insightful lyrics! Here’s wishing you a great week!

  2. Everyone has advice but you know you got to do the work, so do a block buster movie about the truth, and that is often very hard to tell. Good Findings. David aka Penticular

  3. sunwelder

    Hi! I came to check out your blog since you followed me and I thought I’d leave a comment to say that I really enjoyed this song! Love the message too. ‘Just go downtown without money and see how free you really are’….

  4. Jennet

    Suck it to them vonj! 2011? this is is my favorite track this ear last year and ever before, yes” keep funking……………………….

  5. justanothergirl

    Hi there … After I blogged your post, I see that you only want this track promoted via your site. If it’s not okay to blog just let me know. 😉

  6. Gregoryinmotion@hotmail.com

    This is a FANTASTIC piece of work vonj!, dint expect this, Pearl harbor? Never! Facts and Fun in to one thanks for the freebies:-) already looking forward to next Friday. Greg

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