I Speak love yet again to all the readers out there, hoping that whatever comes forth from the very depths of my soul will be absorbed into your hearts and minds for your elevation.

People wonder why I choose to remain positive, one of the reasons is because I am one who loves a challenge, and it would be way too easy for me to express bitterness, as negativity surrounds us all, but too many people have allowed society to get the better of them. I choose to be like an oasis that will not let the dry desert sand consume it.

Our low spirits have caused the world to remain in regression and now we are nearly at the point of no return, people are getting sick, animals are dying off, the air has been polluted, at least four wars are going on simultaneously, art has become artificial, along with the food and we have become detached socially as the cyber social realms expand. It is fair to say few will make it back to a supreme nature.

One with a supreme nature will always be equipped to defend the truth. A supreme mind will overshadow negativity in all measures. But we are nowhere in close proximity to this standard of humanity, you know the ship has sunk low when we call those that think for themselves ‘Revolutionaries’.

However in all these things we must sustain our hope as the world is not yet over, some of us still have a voice and a choice. But many choose instead to be like bystanders at a street fight scene, we can see the mess that is about to unfold, but too fearful to jump in and stop the fight, yet still remain on the scene for mere amusement. Some go a step further and gamble on other people’s misfortune, we call this ‘Wall Street’.

Have you ever awoke from a nightmare and then fell asleep straight after only for the nightmare to continue almost exactly from where you last left off? Well, I pity those who transcend only to reincarnate back to this earth at its current state.

Have we become too comfortable within our own space?

We must look at the world as being our only home for the time being. Sometimes I feel like I am caught up in a 7 billion bedroom country home and I am one of the few people living here that appreciates and cares about my space. With my small portion I still try to feed my neighbors the fruits of my labors and to those whom I cannot reach I send seeds of ideas so that they can intern grow their own fruit. We are all more than capable enough to take care of ourselves and others.

Many of us are privileged, so much to the point that we are blinded to our own potential; remember everyone is here to serve a purpose…….

From the child in Sudan whom has not eaten for a week, to the teenager in the middle east wondering if he is going to catch gun fire tonight, unfortunately it is those whom are facing tests and trials that are more likely to lead us into a golden age if given a second chance in life. Every human has the same capacity of strength, each of us having a unique strength, but those whom haven’t utilized their strengths must realize their fears first. Which is why it is those whom have experienced the rock bottom that are likely to rise up to the top in this world. This is no secret, but imagine if we overcame all of our fears and put our strengths together? Imagine how much greater we would be then?

This would be the beginning of a civilization.

What is a civilization? An advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached.

To be continued………
Love & Unity


31 thoughts on “Civilization

  1. Vonj:

    In my attempts to process the problem you describe, I have found nothing more powerful than to dance to music. I wish that I was close enough to come and share that experience with you when you perform.

    You invoke supreme nature, and that’s a really important key. I pray that you have that sense of connection to life when you create your music. Are you conscious, when you create its many layers, of establishing a connection to the living ocean, then the living air, then the living land, and finally the world of thought that humanity cultivates? I feel all of them trying to press themselves into service of the work that you do, but it’s like you’re holding back somehow. The words that convey your thoughts sometimes dissolve into reverberation, the drumbeat of the land shocks the whispering of the sea. Those conflicts and meldings must be exposed and resolved. I exhort you not to shrink from that challenge! Maybe it won’t cater to your personal aesthetic, but I have found that, in dancing, I often look like a fool to people who don’t understand the surgery I am performing on the spirits that surround me.

    Blessings on all the work that you do. Compassion for the weak is an inexhaustible source of strength, so long as we stay humble in our service to them. I hope that you stay grounded in hope, love and life: there have been times when I felt ready to submit in anger to the fear, lies and death that is the dominant mode of the world.

    Yours in truth and love,


    1. Greetings there Brian. Peace & blessings friend, I welcome you to vonj productions, I find it an inspiration to hear of what you have spoken, Music certainly provides a solution to all these earthly problems we face, and indeed through dance scientificaly we can rid off any negative feeling, these are disciplines which extend into forms of martial art, the art of healing. through movement and vibration we can utilize to better our state of existence, physically, mentally, and spiritually, So I use music as a tool to fulfill positive enrichment for all life..there is a reason why the formula of music we hear today has changed, but this is another subject. for individuals like us, the best thing we can do is lead by example, being humble within our conducted craft (as you mention humility) staying in passion for what you believe in never giving up on one’s chosen calling, a feat indeed my friend but a possible one, if enough people did this? I stop there. I truly appreciate your thoughts family, let us keep the positivity flowing, for the oceans of inspiration will never run dry. Harmony. Vonj

  2. What a great post. What amazes me is there are some people who still haven’t figured out that everything that goes on in this world, can and will, at some point, affect us. It’s hard to stay positive when everything seems to be crumbling down around us.

    Like you, I’m trying to remain positive, even though my life is in the “shit can” right now, but I will keep on pushing through and remain focused on the good things.

    A great way to forget about your own problems is to help others. No matter how bad things are in your life, there is always someone out there who has it much worse.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post.

  3. Without despair there is no hope. We cannot truly appreciate the important things in life if we haven’t despaired of losing them. Keep spreading hope Vonj. Despair is easy to find, sometimes Hope and Faith are harder.

  4. Dear Vonj,
    In defense of perhaps the greatest civilization that has ever been. I sense your despair at the insanity of uncontrolled violence to our precious environment, and to self-destructive neglect of millions of people who might, given half a chance, contribute to the future benefit of us all.
    However, no so-called civilization in recorded history included or benefited and involved as many of its people in a meaningful way as our current civilization does. The glories of previous civilizations were shared by only a small , elite group of people. The rest lived as slaves. not even knowing how to read or write, and fed only enough to ensure their survival to serve the elite. They were not considered as much more than animals and belonged to the lord of the land, and could be sold or abused, without anyone to turn to for help. We don’t hear or read about them.
    There is so much that might and will be done to improve the quality of life for more and more people, if only for the survival of us all. Diseases spread quickly among unhealthy people living in unhealthy environments. We rush to control the disease to contain it from spreading to our own environment, without concerning ourselves with improving the quality of life of those most vulnerable to fall victim, unless they endanger our own safety, directly. A hole in your end of our boat endangers us all. We need to learn to see our beloved planet, Earth, as one boat that floats or sinks us all.
    You obviously care deeply, and, I hope you understand that we are all here in this lifetime to express our unique qualities and contribute to our own spiritual growth as well as that of others. It begins with understanding the basic reality that we are all one.

    1. Hey there Jean, Blessings to you, I thank you for sharing your message on this space,..for centuries many conspiracies have been underlaying, We know that many truths in our human history have either been destroyed, tampered with, hidden, or falsely interpreted in the name of greed. I do not trust all that has been recorded, however evidently I see and feel the results, innately I know that today our standards are bellow zero. Today we suffer (M.S) Mental Slavery, the worst disease a human can ever suffer from. Knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing if applied, the more we learn the more tangible we should become, So let us flex the positive muscle of knowledge and put things that we know in to action and work together to raise the people up to realize a better reality. part 2 of Civilization is coming soon. stay tuned my family

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