VNA Teaser

It is the countdown to the release of the album V.N.A. Out this weekend 30th august.

Just thought I would drop a track out to all my people ahead of time. Song of power

Give thanks


21 thoughts on “VNA Teaser

  1. Thank you, Vonj, for following my blog. Hope you found something here that means something to you. I listened to this piece and found it very skilful and musically creative.

    1. This makes me happy.. as a man trying to make it the true and honest way this means a lot, let us encourage genuine artists to become more of themselves, and not conform to the machine. Peace & harmony family

  2. sarah zeghan

    one of my favorite tracks on the album, I bought and heard V.N.A. this is one to groove to and yet to study, want to hear more!

  3. Rick Mayhall

    Fantastic! I am inspired already, reminds me of somethin but cant think what;;maybe its simply Vonj. lookin forward to hearing the rest. Rick

    1. Greetings there. I do thank you, It certainly ain’t easy, this is for sure, for your comment, let me,give some inside information…. as crucial as V.N.A. is (changing a frequency), this is a bridge to a Main album I am yet to finish recording, possibly the last album I record in this country..Love

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