Stay Still in Silence, Elevate your Essence

In reflection upon my previous posts I would like to first thank each and every one of you whom have been supporting my writings and keeping up to date with the content. I appreciate and take to heart every comment written on this website, and I hope that with each blog I can continue to keep you “the reader” feeling refreshed through each added content.

My message is simple, Love and unity, and as I take you through my journey of self discovery I would like to continue to show and prove how this philosophy can help elevate each one of us no matter our position in life. The more we love and unify the greater we will become as a people, and also the closer we will get to the state of true mastery, I almost stumbled and said “the state of perfection”, however I now see perfection as being like a mirage of the garden of Eden in the middle of a desert, We die each time we think we are perfect, like how one in the middle of the burning desert would be dying of thirst and alluded to think he found a river stream and as he gets close and bows down to sip the water reality suddenly strikes him and he finds himself kissing dry sand. A true masters destination doesn’t lie upon satisfaction, but toward elevation. and elevation comes through knowing one’s self.

It is innate to every man and woman to have the need to grow, And it is through this that we can perceive awareness of what is right and what is wrong in all degrees, However We have been painfully mislead out of ourselves through the influence of society. There was a time when family values where strong and paramount, And wisdom was handed down to the young making it harder for young minds to be destructed by confusion and easier for them to pertain to paths of truth and righteousness. Now we have come to lose what was so very natural to us and adopted lower vibrational ways of thinking, With very little knowledge and understanding we now show pride, ego, arrogance which all equates to ignorance.

Many of us need a lesson in humility. Through my experience I have known some of the most prideful and egotistic individuals you can ever come across in life, I can attest to the facts that their attitude brought them nothing but pain and strife. So in the line of humble individuals I stand firmly!, I realise that even when one becomes tired of learning (having the want to settle in a comfortable place in your mind), We must push ourselves to turn another leaf and witness yet another chapter in the book of our life.

As we begin to look into ourselves we will come to find that we need to experience as much as we can along our journey, however sometimes an experience doesn’t have to be first hand, if we subscribe to the gift of discernment we can avoid some rough roads but yet in keeping the knowledge that those rough roads did exist. You will start noticing that your patterns of life will positively improve according to the depth of your discernment. through this we have the ability to look into our lives just like how one can look into a map, you can then study your route and know what turns are irrelevant, what turns will get you lost, or what turns are right and exact for the growth of your life. if you find yourself then you will discover a wealth of information coming to you in a form of revelation.

But how can we find ourselves in this day and age? they are a few existing ways but one of the key ways is through “Silence”, this has become nearly obsolete in our day and age, Even when we go to bed we fall asleep with our headphones blasting away, and when we think we are in silence we are still thinking, Thus we have become unable to listen to the guidance of our spirit. one analogy of this can be explained when we are in conversation with an individual and someone is trying to tell you an important message that will help you but at that time either our brain drifts off to another planet or while the person is talking we are not digesting anything but only thinking about what we are going to say next, thus at the point we have lost a whole wealth of useful information and we continue living our lives carelessly and keep repeating the same mistakes.

In the name of growth and self discovery tone down your thoughts, attitudes and emotions and turn up your Silence, and let your spirit feed and reveal to you your next chapter in your journey.

Peace & Love family

19 thoughts on “Stay Still in Silence, Elevate your Essence

  1. Very thoughtful blog. =) I hear you, artist to artist. Let me know if you’d like to participate in the Race Around the World – info on upper right of my front page. It’s been amazing, I have to say. I’d be happy to promote your blog for all the thought you put into it.


    1. Hey there my friend. I thank you for taking your time and hearing the message, a race around the world? interesting… (no play on etymology)…one of my songs “Polarity” posed a question….why are we racing while we are all in the same team?, is this the answer you are looking for?, I would happily participate. peace & prosperity

      1. *Smile* Appears it will be fun getting acquainted. The question you bring to light is indeed one of the truths we’ve been examining. Since you’re interested, then, just shoot me your answers under each question on an email page according to the instructions in the Join Me post. Two wks enough time? Try to keep the post to 1500 words, counting the questions.



      2. It would be a pleasure my friend, I shall keep it short and to the point as best as I can. will have a thorough look at the questions while I take my lunch tomorrow, what is the email address?

  2. I totally agree with you. So many people seem to be frightened of silence these days… Get up in the morning and immediately turn the TV on, get out of the door and plug themselves to the ipod, get in the car and start blasting the radio, etc. There’s just no time for the inner dialogue.
    Thank you for your very inspiring messages & your blog. Please keep up for everyone. 🙂

    1. People are looking for external information while all the information they will ever need is within themselves. thank you friend. You are welcome to express yourself anytime, Peace & Prosperity to you..

  3. I identified with so many of ur thoughts. Infact, you could have made individual blog posts from each paragraph. I liked the part about ‘Perfection is a mirage’ and ‘ Silence is obsolete’.

    1. I appreciate this, all the thoughts I present come from the very depths of my heart, so it makes me glad when someone can connect with this inept feeling. Many more works to be revealed in the near future. feel free to drop In at any moment. Love & Unity

  4. I absolutely agree with you about the silence. It is integral that we take care of our spirits, souls, whichever you prefer. We live in such a noisy world.
    I make a point of setting aside time for silence every day, and a morning of silence every month. I am a better person for doing it. I really enjoyed reading this post.

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