Mine your mind for a positive progression

A few thoughts just crossed my mind today but I shall try to keep this blog as short as I can and maybe elaborate on some points later..

Where are we headed Today as a people?

I pose this question because we can evidently see that mankind has always been in the search for “The New”, this is why we keep seeing significant changes within society, We can observe these changes through our Architecture, Fashion, Music, and Technology etc.. Now In this so-called 21st century the periods in between the changes are merging closer and closer together, this is because civilization now has the benefit of having a recorded back catalogue of past ideas, and now to the vantage point of business’s instead of having the need for inventing “the new” business’s can now simply go back into history and bring something old back and market it as something new.

We must come to recognize positive and negative change, and in this age of heavy consumerism it is clear that money dictates these recent periods of change, thus now the only new changes that exist have been within creating new cunning ways to deceive the people into spending more money, Thus now we are living in a “recycled age”, for example…how many films from the past are being remade today?, How much music from the past has been stolen and remixed for today?, how many cover acts exist?, How many sacred texts are being revised and pushed to us now?,  What has Stephen Hawking done with his life but represent old science theories?. We fall for this trickery everyday, and I would never protest if all this was in the name of improving what has already been done, instead we get dumbed down versions of the past, is there an agenda behind this? or is society past its time?

Ok, first, time is literally none existent to me, all we are doing with this theory of time  is counting revolution around the sun, Nothing changes in the world apart from people’s attitudes in reaction to their placed position in society, let us not be fooled to believe better technology means an evolution in intelligence, In the so called B.C. days people could see in High Definition just as we can today ha-ha..

(been meaning to keep this blog short)….So enclosing here are the facts…Money Is GOD and boy Ain’t it a DOG eat DOG world?!, Truth and originality is now being openly and purposely suppressed, keeping the masses from realizing their true potential, but nothing lasts forever, this corrupt system we live in is due to crash very soon, so now it is time to wake up, Inspiration lasts forever as it is not a thing so if we start to mine our minds and get in touch with our spirit then and only then can we come together to put the work in and witness a positive change in this world. I am trying to do my part.

Love & Unity To all



2 thoughts on “Mine your mind for a positive progression

  1. “In the so called B.C. days people could see in High Definition just as we can today”

    Well not quite, ask any Asian about 20/20 vision. Asians as a race of people have been plagued with eyesight problems for hundred of years. Corrective devices for vision have not existed all that long so in that sense technology has improved our vision so that we can have the opportunity to all actually be at least seeing the same physical thing. The lens grinding industry for the manufacture of spectacles lead directly to the invention of the microscope which allowed us to see the invisible world of microorganisms, literally opening up a whole new world to us.

    It’s pure speculation as to what technology existed in the bronze age which has been lost in that collapse in ~1200 BC. To put it in perspective the exodus story occurs at about this time and the bronze had been going for at least 2000 years when it collapsed. Maybe they had high technology we had and lost it all when Aegean pirates (aka sea people) pillaged and ransacked their entire world. Imagine a barbarian attacking you house at night just to burn your laptop in a fire to extract the gold circuitry not knowing the value of the information inside it (millions of hours of work just in the hardware alone).

    Perspective is an interesting thing.

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